Girl Scout Cookies and College Station Texas

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January 30, 2009
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February 10, 2009

Girl Scout Cookies and College Station Texas

Have you noticed the Girl Scouts are out in force selling cookies? Did you stop to buy a few? I sure hope so!


Who are these girls? Why are they selling cookies – especially at this time of the year?

The girls selling cookies are girls who have chosen to work together for a common goal. They work together on projects to learn about their community, learn about themselves, learn about the world. Sad to say but it takes money to do this. It takes money to prepare the materials and to educate them. Since girls may be members no matter what their economic status money is always needed.  So, the girls typically have 2 major fund raisers each year. In the fall they sell Nuts and in the Winter they sell cookies. 

The girls are all ages – from elementary through high school.  And, yes, being a Girl Scout in high school is a bit of a challenge.  Sometimes being different (a Girl Scout) isn’t cool but these girls know what they want, they are good kids with good grades working to give back to the community and are selling cookies to help fund their projects.

I’m a little curious about the reaction many people have to the girls selling cookies. Some people are friendly even when they don’t purchase and the girls are always friendly no matter what. But why do some people pass by and ignore them or even look the other way.  Why not smile back and just say no thank you? Lets show the girls the BEST of ourselves next time.

Also, if you don’t want or need cookies, how about supporting the girls by either making a donation OR buying a box (or a case or two) and have them delivered to our soldiers overseas? Talk about a gift from home! Soldiers LOVE getting Girl Scout Cookies!

Do you wonder how much money the girls make on each box of cookies?  Surely if the cookies are $3.50 a box the girls are getting at least half… right?  NO! The girls out working selling cookies are getting about 50 cents a box or less after the bonuses for the number of cases sold. 

So, next time you buy a box of Girl Scout cookies for $3,50 give them a $5 and say “keep the change”.  (or buy a case or two!)

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