Games Against Hunger at Texas A&M University in College Station Tx

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Games Against Hunger at Texas A&M University in College Station Tx

North America has been destroyed, and the Capitol is evil. The new nation is Panem, and it consists of 12 districts. Each district must send a teenage boy and girl to the annual Hunger Games. This sick event is punishment for an uprising that occurred years before and is an ongoing event to use government intimidation. If not twisted enough already, this event is nationally televised, and the nation watches as the “tributes” fight one another until there is only one left.

This is the plotline for the ever-famous book, The Hunger Games. This year, a group of students at Texas A&M University created an event for college kids and others alike to come together and participate in this “life or death” event to fight against a prevailing issue in the Brazos Valley: hunger.

Though it may not be something that you are forced to confront on a daily basis, the reality is that one out of six families in the Brazos Valley and one out of four children in the Brazos Valley are in danger of hunger every year. This issue is not one that is far off in Never Never Land. It is here in our own backyard.

The TAMU Games against Hunger is not only a place for students to come together and play a game, but is also an opportunity for students to reach out to the community and give back to fight families and children going hungry. The vision is that a range of individuals: from alumni to locals to friends to students would join forces to support others in the community. This ingenious organization has created a way for people to serve without a massive financial investment. When a large number of individuals comes together for a unifying cause, it does not take much to make a difference.

On October 26, anyone who would like to participate can gather in Academic Plaza on the TAMU campus and watch the reaping. Names will be selected out of the reaping bowl. How might you enter your name into the bowl? That depends on how many cans of food you donate! For each can of food donated, your name is entered into the reaping bowl once. The more cans of food you donate, the better chance you have of being selected to participate in the games as a tribute.

The organization wants a variety of students to participate and to ensure that one group does not have an advantage over the others. In true Capitol fashion, TAMU organizations have been split up into several different “districts”. If you are not in an organization at the moment, you can enter with your class reaping. If you are involved in multiple organizations, you can enter with more than one district. The night of the reaping, baked goods will also be sold to strengthen the tributes for the ensuing battle.

The games will begin the next day at 11:00 a.m. All participants and anyone interested in watching the spectacle can come to the designated battleground at G. Rollie White Coliseum. Obstacles and weapons will be set up around the arena, and participants should expect the unexpected! The center of the field will hold a cornucopia (similar to that in the books). This will be filled with Nerf weaponry and other supplies that tributes may need to “survive”.

The game will continue until there is only one person standing! Students can buy refreshments and t-shirts at this event, and all proceeds will be sent to Brazos Valley Food Band and Twin City Missions.

The fun doesn’t stop there! Three weeks after the games, the highlights of the event will be shown on a big screen for all to come and participate in the TAMU Games against Hunger excitement. This will be the last opportunity for individuals to donate money or canned goods.

So whether or not you are a student, you may be wondering how you can get involved. There are many opportunities available to students and non-students alike. You can join a committee as a member to get in on planning the event. Join the Game-Making Committee if you want to plan out the obstacles the tributes have to overcome or if dreaming up elaborate Nerf weaponry is your thing. You can join the Media Committee if you have a creative side and want a place to put your skills to work. Advertising signs, t-shirt designs, and other artwork will be needed. A PR Committee and Baking Committee also need participants. If you are already involved in an organization and do not think you have time for joining another committee, consider hosting fundraising opportunities within your own organization. Get the word out to local businesses and alumni and give them the opportunity to donate or buy TAMU Games against Hunger merchandise.

If you are not a student, please donate canned goods or a monetary donation to your local food bank with TAMU Games against Hunger in the memo line. The TAMU Games against Hunger wants to be part of your donation and would love to receive an email from you with pictures of you taking in your donation. You can also include a little bit about yourself in the email. This will allow the TAMU Games against Hunger to include you on the map to show the student body how community members and friends outside of Texas A&M University are giving back.

Check out the social media sites that the TAMU Games against Hunger has set up:

Like them on Facebook: TAMU Games against Hunger
Or follow them on Twitter: TAMUHG

Check out the committees you can get involved in! Information is below.
All meetings will be held at:

District 13
2304 Colgate Circle
College Station TX, 77840

Media: Artistic Endeavors. Videos, Photography, and PR Materials.
Fridays at 5:00 PM

PR: Contacting and interfacing with media outlets on campus and in community as well as working with Brazos Valley Food Bank and Twin City Missions.
Mondays at 6:30 PM

Baking: Prepare and distribute food at all events.
Mondays at 7:00 PM

Game Making: Develop and build arena and weaponry.
Tuesdays at 7:00 PM


Susan Hilton

CENTURY 21 Beal, Inc.



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