Fuegos in College Station Texas — Great Tacos 24 Hours a Day

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November 8, 2010
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Fuegos in College Station Texas — Great Tacos 24 Hours a Day


What happens when you are hungry for some late-night Tex-Mex? What if it’s the middle of the day, and yet, a breakfast taco sounds sooo good? Fuego Tortilla Grill in College Station, Texas open 24 hours is the answer! 

Fuegos of the newest and hottest places to go to get tacos of any flavor!! You can choose from bean & cheese, steak and cheese, bacon, potato, etc. you name it and they have it!  It is conveniently located at Poplar and Texas Ave. by the U-Haul in College Station, TX.  Fuegos also has a great lunch menu. Everything at Fuego’s in College Station, Texas is served fresh and made from scratch everyday! They don’t cook it until you order it!

This new restaurant is sure to be come a well known Favorite! Come and custom make your own taco today at the Fuego’s Tortilla Grill in College Station, Texas!

Raylene Lewis — Century 21’s #1 Realtor and College Station Expert



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