Foreclosures Are Happening in Bryan and College Station, Texas Too!

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October 26, 2011
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Foreclosures Are Happening in Bryan and College Station, Texas Too!

Foreclosure is NOT an example of a character flaw. Foreclosure is almost always an EMPLOYMENT issue or an ILLNESS issue or a true UNEXPECTED EXPENSE issue that you could not have planned for. Yes, Foreclosures, Short Sales and Distressed properties are happening in Bryan and College Station, Texas TOO! Remember we cannot control LIFE – we can only control what we DO after Life Happens.

Did you know…

  • 2007 Foreclosures increased on a quarterly basis all four quarters of the year… up 75% from 2006
  • 2008 Foreclosures increased 81% over 2007 with 3.1 million foreclosure filings. 80% of California & Florida homeowners who missed a payment ended up in foreclosure. By the end of 2008 approximately 2 in every 100 households were in foreclosure. In Florida 4.5 % of all households were in foreclosure.
  • 2009 Delinquency ate broke the record again. More than 1 in 8 households were in foreclosure. 12 % of Florida mortgages were in foreclosure
  • 2010 January 2010 was the 49th consecutive month wiht year over year increases in home mortgage delinquency rates

So, being behind on a mortgage is much more common than you would expect. If you know someone who is faced with being behind on their house payments or property eviction please let us help them through a short sale so they avoid a property eviction. We work with lenders throughout the country helping the lenders maintain and recover their asset (the home) while also having compassion and understanding with the homeowner. Please don’t let someone you know be like the person in the video below. Going through a lockout is so very traumatic! 

Bryan & College Station, Texas are not immune to foreclosures.  Remember most of the time getting behind is not because of a bad decision it is because of LIFE. It is because employment changed or illness or an unexpected expense. A short sale (where we help you sell before the bank takes the property back) lets YOU be in more control. Call anytime and to just talk about your options. YOU DO HAVE OPTIONS – Don’t let foreclosure be the one chosen for you.

Susan Hilton



Statistics from RealtyTrac and Certified Distressed Property Experts

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