Foreclosure – Short Sale – Is There Really a Difference to Me?

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July 22, 2008
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July 23, 2008

Foreclosure – Short Sale – Is There Really a Difference to Me?

As we see more and more on the national news about foreclosures I am asked more and more questions about the difference between a foreclosure and short sale. Agents, buyers and sellers are forming opinions of how things work in Bryan/College Station based on what they heard…. Believe me, the foreclosure laws are NOT the same in Texas and Michigan! The process is very very different! But, with our unhealthy desire to watch cable news (yes, it is on my television as I type – I’m listening to another story about IndyMac’s takeover by the FDIC) we often take pieces of information and assume that it will apply to us in Bryan/College Station.

How do you know what is fact and what is fiction? Talk with a Realtor that specializes in foreclosures. An agent that has sold 2-3 foreclosures in the last couple years is NOT a specialist! Yes, they can research the market and let you know what the property is worth but they are not specialists. How do you find a foreclosure specialist in Bryan/College Station? Call Century 21!

No, we don’t have many foreclosure specialists but we have a few and they are willing to share their experiences and expertise …

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  1. Perhaps this willl just be an opportunity for the lending industry to “Purge” itself of unneccessary/unqualified participants