Fish Toilet? Who Would Have Imagined!

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June 21, 2008
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June 23, 2008

Fish Toilet? Who Would Have Imagined!


Can you imagine going into a bathroom and finding fish in the toilet?

If you are interested checkout the Aquariass (no I didn’t type it wrong) Toilet designed by Oliver Beckert. The Aquariass available for $1,100. This aquarium toilet works with real live fish! Imagine adding LIVE fish to your toilet.

Of course the aquarium doesn’t actually share a tank with the toilet so they won’t flush but I bet there will be a few people fearful of flushing and hurting your fish.

Ready to order yours?

This was just too funny not to …

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  1. Sambor says:

    Hello there, love how the site is setup. Its very easy to find what I am lookin for =D