Bridal Registry List: Toaster, Blender, New Home?

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August 3, 2011
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August 17, 2011

Bridal Registry List: Toaster, Blender, New Home?

Seems like asking a lot of your wedding guests, huh?  With the FHA’s little known Bridal Registry program, it isn’t that wild of an idea.

Wedding Gift

Are there keys inside?

Young couples are in need of lots of items when starting their new partnership.  What is one of the most important things they need?  A roof over their head!  Couples can start off on the right foot towards homeownership by establishing a FHA Bridal Registry account.  The program, started in 1996, has been recently changed to make it easier for newlyweds to put their wedding gifts towards a home purchase.  You can apply these funds towards a down payment on a FHA loan, and even earn interest before you make the purchase!

How to get started:

  • Visit your choice of FHA lender and set up a savings account for the down payment
  • Give your friends and family the banking info on where their gifts can be deposited
  • You can even put gifts received by Uncle Joe who didn’t want to bother with the bank in the registry account
  • All of the funds can be used towards a FHA down payment
  • You don’t even have to tie the knot before you can close on your new home with this program!

The biggest advantage of this program is that you do not have to follow the typical rules and regulations regarding gifts that are applied to a home purchase.  The program allows the funds to be used with simple documentation, no more than a letter from the lender verifying that the funds were gifts from friends and family with no business interest in you purchasing a home.  That is the only kicker; builders, Realtors, and any other party that could benefit from the sale are not allowed to give to the account.

This underutilized program could help that soon to be wed couple make their first home purchase even before they walk down the aisle.  Share it with friends and family that could put it to use!

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