Everything is Bigger In Texas! Even the Frogs!

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August 18, 2008
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August 19, 2008

Everything is Bigger In Texas! Even the Frogs!

100_0280.JPGCollege Station Texas is a wonderful place to live with a variety of wildlife.  This toad was found in the parking lot at the Home Depot on University Drive.  Luckily, “Kermit” was rescued and taken to a heavenly pond in South College Station where he found more water and bugs and less asphalt and cars.  In case you didn’t know, 2008 is the Year of the Frog.  This has because Frogs, Toads, Salamanders, newts, etc. are going extinct. Luckily, most amphibians in College Station, Texas have not been affected.

In looking for information as to what type of amphibian this was, I came across the Texas Parks and Wildlife“Frogs and Toads” Texas website. The best part about this site is that there is a section where you can click and hear the calls each Texas frog makes.  If you live near water in Bryan, College Station, you are guaranteed to hear many of these calls in the evening.

At the pond near my house, the frogs “sound an alarm” every night at 8:00 pm. They are on time every evening. Should you want to discover what frogs are around your property, please know there are rules for “Frogging.”  That’s right, a frog is considered a wild animal. LOL! I am not a “Frogger” but I think this is a Narrowmouth Toad.

blogfrog150.jpg To officially participate in Frog capturing, you must have a State of Texas Hunting Licence. For parents of young kiddos, the licence is $6.00 if you are under 17 years old.  You should also attend a TPWD amphibian monitoring workshop which will allow you to receive a scientific permit for hunting frogs. Be sure to check out the Official Rules for Frogging which clearly state how to keep both “Frogger” and Frog safe.

Collecting frogs on public roads is not allowed, but rescuing them from traffic is! For the record, even with a licence, a “Frogger” is not allowed to possess more than 25 frogs or toads. And since we live near Houston, it is important to know that the Houston Toad is federally listed as an endangered species and may not be handled.

Wherever you are, be sure to enjoy the wildlife around you!

Happy Buying, Selling and maybe Frogging!

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