Essential Questions to Ask A Bryan College Station Realtor when Interviewing a Listing Agent

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June 13, 2008
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Essential Questions to Ask A Bryan College Station Realtor when Interviewing a Listing Agent

When it is time to sell your home, it is imperative to pick the right Brazos Valley listing agent. Your home is one of the most expensive things you will ever purchase and when your are ready to sell that home, you need to make sure that the person selling it for you will correctly guard your equity, your investment, and your best interests.

Although almost any agent you interview will tell you they can market your home effectively, there are several key questions that you need to ask to make sure you are choosing the best agent for the job.

Your Realtor needs to be someone extremely familiar with your neighborhood, who can provide you with a long list of recently satisfied customers, and be a current and regular user of the Internet, email, and a variety of Internet marketing tools and techniques. Clearly, most home buyer’s when beginning their search for a property begin with the Internet.

A Realtor who embraces the Internet as a powerful marketing tool will aggressively market your home online to buyers.

The Following is a short list of questions you should ask the Realtor you are interviewing to sell your home.

  • How Long Have You Been Selling Homes In My Area & How Many Listings Do You Currently Have? (You want to make sure they have extensive experience and that they do not have a lot of active inventory in your area. A good Realtor will already be getting results and have a list of properties under contract.)
  • Do You Sell Houses as your Full-Time Job? (You do not want a part-time Realtor, unless you are alright with part-time service.)
  • Do You Work Evenings, after 5:00pm. and on Weekends? What Times Do You Take off work and Who Covers for You Then?
  • How Do You Plan to Market My Home & May I see a Copy of your Written Marketing Plan?
  • How Will We Communicate and How Frequently Will I Hear From You?
  • How Will I See the Results of the Internet Marketing & Do You Have Examples to show me Now?
  • How Will You Arrive at a Selling Price for My Home?
  • How Many Days Will It Take You to Sell My Home?
  • Do You Have Any Office Assistants and How does Your Office Run?
  • Who Takes a Buyer’s Call when you are Unavailable or with Clients?

Feel Free to call or email me with any additional questions you may have. Thanks & Happy Selling!

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