Don’t Take it for Granite!

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Don’t Take it for Granite!

Granite countertops are a top-quality option for your home. They add a degree of elegance and are an affordable option that increases your home value. Whether you desire to give your house a more up-to-date look, or getting ready to sell your home and want to increase its value, granite countertops are an excellent investment.

As a rock, granite is extremely dense. It is just short of diamonds on the hardness scale and must be cut and shaped by other granite or diamonds. It cannot be easily damaged by knifes in the household or other objects lying around the home. Damaging granite can only be done with glass or granite, making it difficult to do accidentally.

This is an abundant resource on our earth’s surface, and because of its abundance, it is affordable. Granite is generally made up of quartz and feldspars, rocks that make up over half of the earth’s surface. These beautiful rocks are not rare or expensive and therefore are an ideal countertop material.

An individual installing a new granite countertop into their home might pay $3,000-$3,500 for a slab of 70 square feet and three centimeters thick. This would be enough to cover a sizable kitchen. If you wanted granite countertops in a bathroom in your home, you might need only 10 square feet, which would cost only about $500 for brand new quartz. You can easily reduce this price if you choose to use pieces of bigger stones from the manufacturer.

Granite countertops are easy to clean and easily maintained. As mentioned before, it is a dense rock and is impermeable due to the abundance of crystal in it. Granite has exceptionally low porosity in comparison to other rocks. This means it has few holes between the minerals that make it up. Because of this, it does not stain easily. To be sure your countertops never stain, wipe up spills as quickly as possible and do not use acidic liquids or oil based products on your countertop.

The durability offers years of top quality countertops that seem to never age. Whether you are a mom with young children running around the house banging toys on everything in sight, or a cook-aholic who has worn down previous countertops with hot plates and knives, granite never loses its luster.

This abundance of crystal allows for a large variety of swirls, specks, colors and patterns due to the veining in the rock. The deep, rich colors emanate that beauty that can only be found in nature. Regardless of the color you are looking for, your countertop purchase will be one of a kind, unmatched by any other countertop.

In addition, the multiple specs of colors are easy to match with your décor and effortlessly transform with your kitchen.

Some people worry that the tiny surface features of this natural rock may conceal bacteria, but this is not a realistic fear. Granite countertops hold no more bacteria than any other kind of countertop.

In fact, granite protects against mold and mildew on your kitchen counters. To increase protection of your countertop, you can apply a resin coating to protect it from the most severe stains. You do not have to worry about most stains to granite countertops. Liquids do not seep into granite. Substances that do not evaporate will stain granite, but only after sitting for an extended period of time. If you prefer, you can seal the surface of your countertop to make it entirely impermeable. The color of your granite countertop will not be changed by sealant.

Granite is also heat resistant. While quartz can become discolored from contact with a hot object, granite will not be harmed by heat. A hot sheet of cookies or a pie straight out of the oven will not have any effect on the appearance of your beautiful countertops.

Granite countertops offer a higher resale value for your home. This is an investment that will pay for itself. It creates a homey environment that conceals dirt and always gives the feeling of cleanliness.

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