Daycare report card?

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May 21, 2008
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May 22, 2008

Daycare report card?


Beautiful Baby in Bryan, Texas seeks daycare provider?

Having been a mother now only 10 months, I believe I might have found the most difficult part of motherhood. CHILDCARE! It is the most stressful part of being a mother that I have found! I know, I know, as the days and months and years go by things will change and I will be wishing for a problem like this! But let me tell you something you already know! As parents, we can trust no one! So how do you find the right person to love and care for your children as you do? Where is Mary Poppins when you need her?

I FINALLY, after months and months of searching, found a tool to end all of those hours of searches, phone calls to every daycare out of the phone book, advertising and begging of friends and family to spread the word! Where in Bryan-College Station, Texas do I find the scoop on all child care facilities and baby sitters? It seemed like there was no record of childcare providers in the State! How could this be?

Thanks to an article written about problematic day care centers some time ago, the answer popped up in a Google search! In this little old article from KBTX years ago, at the very bottom, the website I had been searching for every single day for a month finally appeared, like a sign sent down from Heaven itself!!! was the answer to all of my prayers. I had been recommended to certain daycare centers in B/CS that were supposed to be grand! This website made me think twice and really research who would teach and love my child and care for her the way I would!

Once I found this website I actually found every single licensed or registered daycare, in home care, and babysitter that the State of Texas knows anything about. It was a dream come true! Inspection results, complaints, every single thing I would want to know before meeting with a childcare provider was right at my finger tips! The local phone book in Bryan-College Station had so few, and I had to call each one to see what the hours were, since I needed to find one to fit my crazy Realtor(r) schedule. This website had it all laid out at my fingertips! I was able to find a loving mother of 4 who was a licensed child care provider in her home that is perfect! I found out she had no reports or complaints on file and the peace of mind I found was amazing!

So, before finding the “other mother” for your children, check with the State of Texas ( and get the scoop on complaints, inspections, etc. The daycare I almost took my daughter to had some life threatening complaints and issues that you would have never guessed. I found out that just because a certain daycare provider is a Christian facility or been in business forever, they may have something to hide… This web site might have saved an injury, or even a life. Who knows, but I know it sure makes me feel better!


  1. Susan Hilton says:

    Finding childcare I could live with was one of the hardest parts of parenting when my children were small. Now that they are older I still have issues but now they are of the age where they don’t want anyone to watch over them.
    You are wise to checkout the state website – just don’t rely only on that. Word of mouth PLUS the state site can give you a little more piece of mind.

  2. Tina Coffey says:

    WHERE did you find your childcare facility? I went to the site that you recommended, but when I entered our zip code, there were no facilities to choose from.
    Our daughter is moving here with her family and we have to find a part time facility for our 2 year old grandson very quickly and we, like yourself, do not want just anything. If you have any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate them. The church we attend has no one who does any childcare, and since he is not 3 yet, he cannot go to the preschool. I’m going to keep searching…thank you for your site!

  3. Mel A says:

    There is a wonderful licensed home day care located in Bryan, TX. It call Grandmas Playhouse. It is family owned and operated. She can have up to 12 children. She , Robin the director, so each and every child the loving attention just like they were her own. I have never seen someone so passionate about what they do. So if you want someone totally amazing with children then call 979-775-5672 and ask for Robin. I give this place a 5 out of 5.

  4. Leah Uko says:

    Hi Ladies,

    My name is Leah Uko and I am a reporter with KAGS-HD news, NBC affiliate in Bryan, TX. I am working on a story this week about the costs of child care. A trend going on in the nation shows many mothers are quitting their jobs because after taxes, gas, clothing, lunch and other expenses related to work are gone, working just doesn’t pay enough for child care.

    Do you, or do you know of any parents experiencing this problem here locally in the Brazos Valley? If so can you please contact me?

    [email protected]

    Thank you.

  5. TS says:

    There is also another home daycare in Bryan/College Station area that has been around for over 20 years. The owner/operator Ruby is second to none. She is very loving, kind, caring and provides a fantastic structure for the kids. She is certified by the State of Texas and she even offers healthy meals at her facility. She always seems to have a wait-list going because of her reputation. If you are considering a new daycare for your kid(s), then definitely check out Little Angels. Ruby can be reached at (979)775-5175 and her website is

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