Dance in Bryan College Station – Ballroom or Rumba or Aerobics or Swing

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August 25, 2011
Drowning in a Drought in Bryan College Station Texas
August 30, 2011

Dance in Bryan College Station – Ballroom or Rumba or Aerobics or Swing

The school year has started, fall is on the way (we hope), and dance classes are about to begin.  So whether you want to add a new skill, build on what you already know, or maybe you just want to enjoy meeting new people and getting some great exercise, check out the upcoming classes.  And remember, private lessons are always an option for those of you who want to really boost your dancing skills, or if your schedule doesn’t allow for group classes! (see fall specials below)
In This Email:
  1. FreeDance Aerobics class Saturday, September 3, 11:00am—invite friends!
  2. Want a FREE ½ hour private lesson?  Sign up 2 friends for group classes
  3. New student Special:  Buy 2 months of full Membership and receive 2 private lessons for $45/hour.
  4. This Saturday, Sept. 3, starts 3 weeks of Dance Aerobics, International Rumba I and Swing/Jive II. Join us!
  5. Fall Schedule is now online and calendars available in class or by email.  (See September classes below)
  6. Adult Dance Parties, Friday nights—September 16 & 30.
  7. Next Teen/Pre-teen Dance – Saturday, October 29, Holy Cross Lutheran Church
Click on the monthly Dance Calendar for Fall:
September Specials:
for Continuing  students: ***Be thinking of who you can invite to join a dance class.  For each two new people who sign up for a 3 or 4-week class, you get a FREE ½ hour private lesson!
for New students only: buy 2 months of membership and get 2 private lessons for $45 each
Monthly Memberships:  $85 (includes all classes and dance parties)
                                                       $50/month (pick one 4 wk class + review night + 2 dance parties)
September classes starting Saturday, September 3 and Monday/Tuesday, September 12 and 13:
 September classes starting Saturday, September 3
Cost:  $30pp/3 weeks  (or Membership)
11:00am Dance Aerobics
  1:00pm International Rumba I
  2:00pm East Coast Swing/Jive II—new moves even if you’ve taken level II previously
September classes starting Monday, September 12        
Cost:  $40pp/4 weeks  (or Membership)
6:00pm Introduction to Social Ballroom Dance – Foxtrot, Waltz, and Rumba
7:00pm Waltz II—Open Right Turn variations; silver level twinkle
8:00pm Two Step & Polka
September classes starting Tuesday, September 13        
Cost:  $40pp/4 weeks (or Membership)
6:45pm  Bolero II (pre-requisite: Introduction to Ballroom, Waltz I, or International Rumba I.  If you aren’t sure, just ask )
7:45pm  East Coast Swing/Jitterbug I
Dance Practice Parties ! Friday, September 16 and 30
Time:  7:00-9:30pm
Lesson: 7:00pm
Snacks are most welcomed at our community snack table.
Cost:  $6.00  or  Membership
 Review Class Thursday, September 22
Dance from 6:00-7:00pm.          Cost:  $8.00
This is your chance to ask for help with any step you already know.  These reviews are very popular—gives you a chance to dance and to beef up a few of your steps.  We will play music from recent classes.
 You may download the online calendar—or– for a more attractive show-your-friends type calendar, email me and I will send you a copy! Also available at all classes.
To enroll in any class, go online to: or send cash or check to:
P.O. Box 11337, CS, TX 77842
Stay updated on classes, parties, and other events.
For more information about Dance or Etiquette Classes, and the complete schedule, visit Susan’s website at


Good luck & happy dancing!

Susan Hilton

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