Creek Meadows – From the Inside Out

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Creek Meadows – From the Inside Out

Creek Meadows is a neighborhood in South College Station where you feel like you are living in the country with the benefits of being in a nice friendly neighborhood.   When my husband, Matt and I were trying to figure out where we wanted to live four years ago we looked everywhere.  New neighborhoods were being developed and all with different amenities.   We looked for about a month and finally decided we wanted to live in Creek Meadows.  It has three pools, playground, basketball court, walking trails, small gym and some ponds.  We knew we liked the area, we just didn’t know we would fall in love

with the neighborhood itself.
If you live in Creek Meadows or have visited you might have seen a brown German Short Haired Pointer. He’s our neighbors’ dog “Gus”.   His owners have tried to keep him put up but he seems to escape anyway.  He’s almost 15 years old, his hearing is bad and sight isn’t so hot.   Gus can still catch field mice like no other.  Almost as if he is the built in pest control along our street.
With true country feeling the stars are beautiful and peaceful on a crisp clear night.  The coyotes howling at midnight are a common welcomed sound.  Another sound that I love is the slow rumble of the train it is almost therapeutic and reminds me of life outside the neighborhood.
Watching the homes being built, walking through new ones with new features is almost a past time for me and my husband.  We’ve been doing it since the beginning.  Every time I see someone looking at a home I want to yell out of my car window.  Buy it!  You will love living here!  But instead I give a friendly wave and smile.
Selling homes in this neighborhood has been so fun.  I get to meet my neighbors and help them find a home.  I did an open house at one of my listings a few weeks ago and a nice couple came in and told me about their “wave test”.  They drive in different neighborhoods in College Station and wave at random people to see if they would wave back.  They laughed as they said “we’ve waved at a lot of people today and Creek Meadows has been different, people wave back with smiles.   Children are outside playing.  It has a feeling of being welcome.”
Listing homes have been harder.   I’m selling my friends’ homes and I am sad to see them go.  I’ve met most my neighbors from block parties where we get together at the cul-de-sac.  Everyone brings food, chairs, children, dogs and we have a lot of fun.
I have just sold a home to a couple that lives in Houston.  They have both lived all over the world and the wife said “Creek Meadows is like the neighborhood I always pictured living in when I was young”.  Glad to have them as new neighbors.
With all neighborhoods there are the pros and the cons but Creek Meadows is where I have found my home.   If you are looking for a nice place to live where your neighbors wave and you meet new people come check out Creek Meadows, where people have pride in their homes and respect for other people.  I’m sure glad I did.

Jana Grieve

CENTURY 21 Beal, Inc.

PS – The strategic thinking and marketing that goes into selling a home and the excitement of finding the right one is the reason I love real estate.


  1. Carol Ann Rakowitz says:

    Hey Jana I love the “wave test”! Creek Meadows in College Station is a wonderful neighborhood. It is great to know that here in the Brazos Valley people are still willing to share a wave and a smile.

  2. I have some clients who are buying on of your listings in Creek Meadows, and they are so excited to be in such an awesome neighborhood! Everyone is so friendly, the pool is great, and you can walk to the new Greens Prairie Elementary!!