Credit Problem – What do I do?

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March 23, 2010
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March 31, 2010

Credit Problem – What do I do?

Jeff at work    Unfortunately, the economic climate in the U.S. is pretty dismal right now. A lot of people are losing their jobs, and their sources of income: the New York Times revealed that in February alone, about 651,000 U.S. jobs disappeared. Unemployment is steadily climbing and many Americans are finding themselves at a loss for options.

    What makes the situation worse, for many people, is debt. A lot of people actively use credit cards to build credit and finance stuff they can’t immediately pay for. The credit system has been around for ages, and lately has become more problematic for people with crippled sources of income– like those recently laid off.

    People with poor credit have a slew of problems to deal with. Everything that goes wrong with your bills and your credit ends up on your credit report, and every time you apply for a loan, your damaged credit report will be an obstacle.

    The best way to combat poor credit is using your credit card responsibly and paying all bills on time. But in the current economic climate, paying all bills on time can be easier said than done.

    It’s unfair to become trapped in a situation like that, responsible, hardworking adults ought to be able to live comfortably without worrying about abstract credit reports– but there are solutions. Many people have suffered similar credit situations while trying to finance cars and houses, and many of those people kindly turn around and help others– like Jeffrey Collard, the V.P. Of CCRS credit services. While trying to finance the perfect home for his family, he discovered a bunch of items on his credit report that he wasn’t aware of and couldn’t control. After making all the preparations for buying the new home, he was ultimately rejected for the loan he applied for.

    Many people find themselves in this situation, having poor credit scores and not knowing how to cope. However, Jeffrey Collard spent several months researching how to legally and permanently remove the black marks from his credit report, giving him more freedom and flexibility. Afterwards he was able to refinance his home and receive a much more manageable interest rate.

    If you find yourself in a similar situation, know that you are not lost. There are legal ways to improve your credit report and finance the home, or car, or whatever you need. People like Jeffrey offer advice and guidance to anyone in a similar financial situation; if you find yourself trapped, you can always turn to a friendly someone who has survived similar problems.

    The best way to protect yourself is by being a smart consumer, but some costs can’t easily be avoided. If you find yourself in a tough situation, know that there is no problem that can’t be fixed.

So when you need help call Jeff! You can reach him at the contact info below.

Jeffrey S Collard
Vice President, CCRS Credit Services

201 S McDonald Ste A
McKinney, Tx. 75069
469-952-6015 main number
469-952-6022 fax number
[email protected]

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