College Station, Tx Is Ranked #4 in the BEST Place for Military Retirees

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December 13, 2010
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College Station, Tx Is Ranked #4 in the BEST Place for Military Retirees

George Bush Jumps in College Station TxMany retired military are finding their way to College Station zip codes. The City of College Station is ranked fourth among cities nationally and second in medium sized metropolitan areas(175,000-500,000 pop) in accordance with USAAs and’s list of “Best Places for Military Retirement”. Why another list? The new list (started on December 6, 2010) helps retirees to utilize the retirement benefits to their greatest benefit in places that offer a high quality of life.

There are many reasons why Bryan College Station, Tx was chosen. One reason why BCS is ranked so high is taxes! Texas has no income tax on Federal Pensions. Also, College Station is still going strong in both real estate and the economy in part because of Texas A&M University and 49,000 students. Many people who are retiring from the military are looking to start their second career and because of College Stations strong economy jobs are more accessible.

There is also plenty to do in College Station. Texas A&M brings a variety of events with famous personalities, world leaders, and great performances. There is an array of sporting events to attend as well with many phenomenal Texas A&M teams. While there are no official military bases in town, Fort Hood is only about 90 miles away and has a great Commissary and Exchange. Bryan College Station, Tx is also centrally located to many large cities like Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas.

The “Best Places for Military Retirement” was created by USAA, and Sterling’s Best Places using 20 variables that research has found to be important to military retirees. An example of this is College Station’s strong and affordable real estate market. USAA provides insurance, investment, banking and retirement services to former and current United States armed forces and their families. is the biggest website for the military and their families, retired, active or those considering a career in the service. If you are about to retire from the military consider College Station, Texas and thank you for so bravely serving our country.

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