College Station Rental Registration Requirement Beginning March 1 2009!

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February 11, 2009
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February 13, 2009

College Station Rental Registration Requirement Beginning March 1 2009!

College Station Requires you to Register Your Tenants? Or Do you have to Register the College Station Landlord? Or Do You Register the College Station Property? Registration begins March 1, 2009 and must be done within 90 days!


Registration of the property with contact information so the City can get in touch with the actual landlord/owner is required. This year the fee is $15 for each property. Who knows what the fee will be next year or the years to come.  Once the registration begins it will be easy for the City of College Station to know how many properties are rentals (and which ones) to make more mandates if they would like. It will be much easier to find out how many unrelated people are in a property if they know which ones are rented.  Did Texas A&M know about the registration? Did they agree?

Is this the beginning of additional regulations of rental properties in College Station? Is this a way to mandate fewer students? Is this good for the city or is it something that will hurt property values? Will this cause investors to look to purchase in Bryan rather than College Station to stay away from more government regulations?  

Who knows!

See the full news release from the City of College Station below.

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News Release

Media Contact:

February 9,   2009

Peggy Calliham

For Immediate Release

979-764-3499 [email protected]


College Station’s Rental Registration Begins March 1

COLLEGE STATION, TX- The City of College Station will begin a Rental Registration program on March 1, 2009 for all rental properties that are single-family or duplex properties within the city limits. An annual $15 fee will be charged for each property and landlords will have 90 days from March 1st to comply. 

This program was adopted in December of 2008 by the College Station City Council under Ordinance #3151.  Rental registration has been in discussion and review for several years but most  recently it has come back to the table due to the growth of Texas A&M and the parallel growth of rental properties in College Station.  

The goal of the program is to improve communications and identify ownership and a local contact person who may be contacted in case of health, safety or other code violations that might be detrimental to the individual property, the surrounding neighborhood or the individual tenants.   With a large student population, it is often difficult to locate and make contact with those who have actual authority and the responsibility to take any action that may be necessary in order to be in compliance with the city’s requirements. 

Registrants may go to for an on-line form which may be mailed, faxed, emailed or brought to the office.  Additionally there is a list of Frequently Asked Questions on the site.

To speak to a staff person you may email [email protected] call 979.764.3570 or come to the City of College Station Planning and Development Office located at City Hall, 1101 Texas Avenue, in College Station. 


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