College Station Homes With Unique Yard Art?

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February 12, 2010
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College Station Homes With Unique Yard Art?

Driving around  College Station homes can be quite the fun expedition whether you’re in the market for the new home or not. You never really know what you’ll run into in this part of the Brazos county; Texas art and culture teems from every house, down every street, in ways that makes even the most gruff Texan smile and beam with pride. Texas art and culture is not bound to lone stars and rusted old tin either; just from driving around you can witness the rich history and peculiarity of its people and their varied interests.College Station Home Elephant Yard Art

Many Texans actively try to give their home as much character and personality as they can, be it their beautiful gardens, lawn art, or the home itself. Loads of women and men pour countless hours into making their lawn lush and verdant and their flowers and trees stand straight and tall.

Often times, among the wonderful plants and verdure, you’ll find some curious lawn art that you’d never expect but would certainly regret missing. Even driving through College Station neighborhoods around Highway 30, peeking out of the tree-line at one home is a life-sized, fully colored statue of an elephant! No where else would you find something so off-beat, innocent, and fun; this home provokes a second glance each time you pass it, as though College Station and the African safari had an affectionate tryst for the world to see.

In fact, some homes show that anything can be altered and fashioned to reveal their individual personalities. From the colors of the homes to the shapes of the mail boxes, many homes have a sense of character that can’t be replicated. For example, not too far from the life-sized elephant, at the very same home is a charming mail box shaped like a bass still swimming under water with its mouth agape, hunting for the day’s mail.

College Station Home Fish Mailbox

College Station Home Fish Mailbox

All of these quirks reveal a small fraction of what it means to be a home owner in College Station, Texas. Whether you pour your love and affection into keeping your lawn green, your home pristine, spray paint the inside or you let your imagination take over and make your home a true landmark for the neighborhood to appreciate. Everyone has something special to contribute for everyone else to enjoy, and every bit makes the community a whole. You just never know when a College Station Home is the one for you!



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