Clay Lee Has College Station Real Estate Clients For Life!

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December 14, 2010
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January 25, 2011

Clay Lee Has College Station Real Estate Clients For Life!

We would not have sold our house without Clay Lee. Literally, with any other agent, our house would still not be sold almost a year later. Clay was not the first agent we have used when trying to move. While others wait for the house to sell itself and rely on luck, Clay creates his and your own luck by manufacturing options and offering suggestions you likely would not consider on your own, and really working to make your house sell, not just putting it on MLS and waiting for a contract to arrive.

Case in point, our house in Pebble Creek would not sell unless we found a buyer for our buyer’s house. Clay worked every angle imaginable, many of which we never would have dreamed of, and ultimately navigated us around this problem by working hard to get the previous owners of the house we wanted to buy in Woodcreek to purchase the home belonging to our potential buyers, triggering a chain reaction of buying and selling, getting everyone, multiples families, where they belong. This intricate and tricky transaction demonstrated an intimate knowledge of the local market, an ability to bring different people and ideas together, and an intrepid spirit. Clay is also a full service agent, not only selling our house and helping us buy a new one, but taking the time to work with us on financing, inspections, repairs, furnishing, and even monitoring our move when we were out of the country. He had already been paid at that point, but decided to help anyway, again going above and beyond. He is professional, appropriately aggressive, and personally engaged with his clients, at least in our case. We cannot thank him enough for all he did for our family. He really made a difference in our lives. We give Clay our highest recommendation as an agent, but the best thing we can say about him is that we consider him a dear family friend.

We would be happy to discuss our experience with Clay directly if you would like more information.


Ralph & Melissa

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