City of Bryan Requires Permits for ALL Plumbing Work!

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April 11, 2011
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April 12, 2011

City of Bryan Requires Permits for ALL Plumbing Work!

plumber300Did you know the City of Bryan (in Texas of course) is now requiring plumbers to obtain (pull) a permit for ANY work on a plumbing system before the work is done?  How could this affect you?

  • They will now have to pull permits on EVERYTHING even garbage disposals.
  • Permits are only issued during a normal business day at the City of Bryan.
  • If you have an emergency on the weekend the city will allow you to do the work, pull the permit on Monday and then have the work inspected Monday.
  • Plumbing costs will go UP due to the permit costs and additional time needed to pull permits.

So, is this something we REALLY need to be doing? Or, is this just a way for the City of Bryan to have more control and take in more revenue? What do YOU think?

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