Choosing A Contractor In The Brazos Valley

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February 28, 2011
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Choosing A Contractor In The Brazos Valley

Brazos Valley Contractor
 Improving your home in The Brazos Valley can be a fun project but if you are not careful about the contractor you pick it could turn into a very stressful experience!

Before you choose a contractor to hire it is important to find out any and all information about their work as a contractor.

  1. Ask around with friends, family, coworkers etc. who have done similar jobs. If you want more information about a contractor try an internet search for the Home Builder’s Association. This will show you local publications that are connected with what your searching for.
  2. Find out what contractors passed the BBB test and call them to get bids for the job you are wanting done. Give the same detailed description of the job you are wanting to each contractor so they give the correct prices.
  3. Compare your bids. The lowest bid is not always the best bid! Some contractors use very poor quality materials so be sure to compare bids item by item.
  4. Read the contract carefully.
  5. Anything and everything a contractor says they will do get on paper. Do not rely on verbal promises.
  6. Get a receipt and make a copy of your check when the job is done.

Remember: Always put everything from the contracts in writing and never fully pay your contractors until all the work is done!


Susan Hilton

Susan Hilton College Station Real Estate

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