Century 21 Beal Starts New Year Off Right

Century 21 Beal Tops Brazos Valley Real Estate Market
February 3, 2014
Kristi Fox Satsky Named Top Realtor in Brazos Valley
March 7, 2014

Century 21 Beal Starts New Year Off Right

Let’s face the facts here. Too many businesses these days have become way too slick with how they throw their statistics at you, and it isn’t fair for you as the client. You have seen it before, they’re throwing their numbers at you at such a speed that it seems like they are letting their cats sit on the office calculators and announcing any digits that flash on the screen while not explaining the economic terms attached to them. This leaves you at a tremendous disadvantage when it comes to trying to interpret the information that has been brought to your attention, especially considering the technical nature of the language involved in the real estate industry. Being frustrated and disoriented is no way to start out on the road to buying or selling your home!
That’s why we like to think different when it comes to how we do business here at Century 21 Beal. When you sit down with us to discuss the decisions that matter most when moving to a new home, we want to be certain that we have answered each concern you have and explained every detail to the utmost of our abilities. That means when we produce all those percentages that prove we are the best in the Brazos Valley, we want to be sure to explain the reasons why all that evidence is essential to your interests. Not only will you receive world-class service and commitment from Century 21 Beal, but you will also become more educated in the real estate industry through each step that we take together.Number Listed Residential
In addition to simply showing you these charts that visually represent the results from findings on the realty bought and sold over January, we want to give you a hand in grasping why these graphs are relevant to you. The first that you will notice lists us as holding the highest number of residential listings, with a little over fifteen percent of all single-family properties on the market managed by Century 21 Beal. That data demonstrates that there are more members of our community that work with us when it comes to the opportunity to sell their house than with all the other local offices offering similar services. Why? Because those individuals and families are aware that a Century 21 Beal deal means they receive the honest and helpful assistance that we have established a reputation for in our region as well as the assurance that we will not cease our efforts until we have achieved the most beneficial arrangement for them. For those that are looking to buy here in Aggieland, it means we have a wide selection that we will search through to match it to the new home that you’ve been dreaming about.
Sold Dollar Volume AllSold Dollar Volume Residential
Now, the other two both use the terminology ‘Sold Dollar Volume’ and those outside of the financial commerce might not know what that covers. While it implies that it is more complicated than it truly is, all that it relates to is the total value amount earned by the business over the month. That factor holds some serious importance to you since it illustrates the abundance of clients that have been  entirely fulfilled in their interactions with us. All of us at Century 21 Beal are eagerly awaiting the chance to add your name to our list of those that we’ve left satisfied!


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