October 18, 2010

Short Sale, Foreclosure or Loan Modification Options – Procedures

Before you decide whether a Short Sale, Foreclosure, or Loan Modification for your Bryan College Station home is the best choice for you, hopefully you will have researched and read my previous posts (links shown below). Be sure you know what the long-term effects will be for your decision. For this post, let’s assume that you have decided
October 17, 2010

Walking into the World of Short Sales & Foreclosures of Bryan College Station Alone?

Don’t be like this woman in Coronado walking into the unknown world of Short Sales & Foreclosures all alone. If you are behind on your house payments in Bryan College Station call me and let me help! [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bi7NAMCAjEU[/youtube]
October 14, 2010

Short Sale Advisory for Homeowners in Bryan College Station

What is a Short Sale? A Short Sale is the sale of real estate where the price paid is insufficient to pay the loan or loans against the property, plus the costs to sell the property (title policy, title fees, legal fees, real estate sales commissions, etc.), and the seller cannot pay the difference. There are a multitude of issues in a Short Sale, including (but not limited to) legal and financial
October 12, 2010

Short Sales in Bryan College Station – What Now?

Today, there are 1,456 properties listed for sale in the Bryan College Station Multiple Listing Service. 1,286 of the 1,456 are NOT condominiums, town homes recreation properties or mobile homes without land. One issue which exists in the Brazos Valley is that no “field” can be found on the MLS data display to identify which properties are Short Sales and which ones are Foreclosures. So, how do you know how many homes