October 17, 2012

Peaceful Roommate Living Tips

Renting a place alone is often too expensive and can be lonely. Sharing an apartment or duplex with a roommate is necessary to cut the cost, especially for those just starting out in the “real world” and those attending Texas A&M and Blinn. With today’s economy, saving money on living is tremendously helpful. Sharing your living experience with someone is a terrific way to bond and form relationships. Most of the time roommates form strong […]
June 13, 2012

Real Estate Owned – REO – Foreclosures in Bryan College Station

REO stands for Real Estate Owned which is a property that is sent back to the mortgage company after foreclosure. Foreclosure results when an owner fails to make payments on a property. The lending institution is then allowed to put the home or property up for sale in an attempt to make back some of the money lost from the former owner’s failure to pay. Wells Fargo is one of the many lenders that owns […]
April 10, 2012

Facing Mortgage Lenders in Post-Recession America

Let’s face it — the mortgage approval process has changed since our country’s last recession whether you live in Bryan, College Station or New York. And these changes have certainly not made the process any easier. Yet, perhaps the conventional conclusion on which aspect of the process has grown difficult can be set aside. Actually securing mortgage approval isn’t where the complication comes in: it’s the rigorous, wearisome process of meeting the documentation requirements. And […]
May 27, 2011

How You Can Protest Property Taxes in Brazos County

Tax assessors in Brazos County are the ones that determine your property taxes by appraising the market value of your property in Bryan and College Station. Should there be any doubt, talk to your appraisal district staff with regard to your property’s value and items which don’t understand. Contention can be made if you think the appraised value placed on your property is too high. Here are a few suggestions that can be of great […]
May 27, 2011

Possible Remedies on Brazos County Property Taxes

Property taxes are determined by a percentage of your property value. Majority of people pay their Brazos County property taxes annually without having a second thought as to how the amount due was decided. And most people pay it through their mortgage company in their monthly mortgage payments.  Your property value is decided through the local tax assessor’s office so GET INVOLVED! When you find yourself dissatisfied with the appraised value assigned to your property, […]
May 11, 2011

Advantages of Receiving Pre-Approval In The Bryan-College Station Area

If you are looking to buy a home in the Brazos Valley it is a good idea to receive a pre-approval. A pre-approval helps you get an idea of what price home you can afford and what type of mortgage you will qualify for. Your mortgage amount will be based on the purchase price of your home, your down payment and other factors.This is helpful for anyone interested in buying a home so you do […]
April 27, 2011

Why You Should Refinance Your Brazos Valley Home

If you do not know much about refinancing your home in the Brazos Valley, I can give you a few reasons why it is a good idea. 1. A rising mortgage payment due to an ARM loan resetting 2. Eliminating Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) payments 3. Using home equity to fund an important purchase 4. Consolidating your first and second mortgage to reduce your overall payment 5. Consolidating credit card debt or other high interest […]
November 25, 2010

Foreclosure Financing for Fannie Mae Properties in Brazos County

Fannie Mae foreclosures in the Brazos County become available for sale under a First Look Program which is designed to put homeowners in the home to help stabilize neighborhoods and so that homeowners do not have to compete with investors.   During the First Look Marketing Period a property can only be sold to a qualified buyer. The First Look Marketing Period is 15 days after
November 23, 2010

Credit Scores And How They Affect YOU

What is a Credit Score? Who decides what your Credit Score is? How does the score affect YOU with your Home Mortgage? How do you improve your Credit Score? Who do You ask for help with your Credit Score if you are wanting to purchase real estate in Bryan College Station? What is a Credit Score? Your Credit Score is a number, up to 850 that lenders, insurance companies, banks and employers use to determine […]