August 5, 2008

Enjoying Your New Space

Attention to detail when space planning a new house, or when renovating an existing house or room, can ensure its success and your enjoyment of your new space. Space Planning is becoming more important as our entertainment media has grown more sophisticated. Anticipating the locations of home theater equipment, computers. communication cable, phone lines, , etc. will help you provide sufficient circuits, minimize visible wiring, and position electrical outlets and phone jacks. It is also […]
August 5, 2008

Do College Station and Bryan need Protecting?

College Station and Bryan homes may need protecting. I was up early one morning and decided to watch TV. I found a home improvement show called Michael Holligan and saw an interesting video (CLICK THE PICTURE FOR VIDEO). The video talks about a newer roofing system that consists of 4 foot shingles made of steel and an asphalt covering is placed over it. It is said to be able to withstand up to 125mph winds […]
August 1, 2008

Watering the Street Will Not Make it Grow – Even in Aggieland

Driving back from the gym in College Station, the other morning I passed several houses with irrigation systems watering the street. Besides wasting a lot of water it costs you money. How do you know when your automatic irrigation system is not working as designed? You set it to start while we are asleep and we assume it is working properly but how do you know? During the heat of the summer, when rain is […]
June 20, 2008

Tankless Water Heaters — Are they a benefit?

  Every home should have a tankless waterheater and if you are building a new home, it is the perfect time to talk to the builder and tell him/her that you want to be part of saving the environment and saving money $$$!! What are the benefits? When the faucet is not running water is not being heated, no electricity being used. Water heaters can be placed close to outlets so water usage goes down […]