Buying A College Station Home: What to Look For When Viewing Homes For Sale

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Buying A College Station Home: What to Look For When Viewing Homes For Sale

College Station Real Estate what to look for in a homeWhen you begin your home search in College Station for the property that is right for you and your family, the first thing you want to do is compare the home you are looking at to your personal list of minimum requirements. You also want to keep in mind the “extras” that are included with the home you are looking at.

Typically, “extras” are added features or upgrades to a property. Extras can also be things that are on your “Buyer’s Wish List.” You should ask your Realtor to help you keep track of the extras and point out the upgrades in each property as you are viewing the home.

It is also important to ask your Realtor to help you identify potential problems and maintenance issues. Although your Realtor is NOT an inspector and can not advise you on what is wrong with the property, they can point out the current appearance of things that will require ongoing maintenance; for example: paint, appliances, windows and carpet.

If you are a very detailed and organized person, it can be helpful to make a list of questions you have about a property ahead of time to help you keep your information and your thoughts organized.

Here is a list of additional things to consider:

  • Does this home have the amount of space you are looking for and need? (Both for now and in the next 3 or so years)
  • Are there enough bedrooms and bathrooms to suit your family’s needs?
  • Does the home appear to be structurally sound?
  • Are there immediate upkeep and /or repairs that need to be done?
  • Does the Floor Plan fit your lifestyle?
  • Is the yard the appropriate size?
  • Will the furniture you currently have fit in the space that this property offers?
  • Is there enough storage space? (Always pay attention to the number of closets and storage cabinets.)
  • Is there anything that the Seller is currently offering to repair or replace?
  • Does the property appear to be situated on the lot in a way that water is designed to run around and away from the home? (vs. in the garage or towards the back patio) Is the grading and drainage on and around the home adequate?
  • What exterior maintenance will be required on this home?
  • Does the home have a sprinkler system and how much landscaping has been done?
  • Is the home wired for or does the home have a security system?
  • What upgrades have been added to this home?
  • How well does it appear the home has been taken care of?

Your Realtor should also be able to provide you with a Seller’s Disclosure of the home you are interested in. The Sellers Disclosure is the document that the Seller fills out that states what the seller”knows of” that is wrong with the property. This will help you to identify if something needs to be replaced and provide good insight to the amount of existing life the major things like HV/AC Unit, Hot Water Heater, and Roof have left.

Your Realtor should also point out the pros and cons of each home you view from a professional standpoint. As a Housing professional, your Realtor’s responses should be clear and complete. Remember, it never hurts to ask questions, so continue to ask until you have a clear understanding of all the information you are given, and never hesitate to view a property multiple times.

Happy Home Buying!

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