Bryan/College Station Up and Coming Entrepreneurs!

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May 16, 2011
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Bryan/College Station Up and Coming Entrepreneurs!

I love selling homes in Bryan/College Station and all of the amazing things I get to do because of it!  My daughter goes to school at Forest Ridge Elementary in College Station, and I was contacted by her GT teacher, Patty Chenault,  who asked me if I would be willing to use my marketing expertise and be “hired” as a marketing consultant for the business they were creating!  The children were starting a business from the ground up to see what all it takes to be a business owner!  They met with Trey Hickman with Spirit of Texas Bank who explained to them about business loans, and then they asked for my marketing expertise to help them get the word out. 

My initial reaction was wow, what an amazing teacher to take on such a feat!  Mrs. Chenault really wanted these children to learn every facet of owning a business, something a lot of us would have loved to have learned about at the age of 8 or even 28!  She thought of everything from taste tests to signage to having her husband, owner of CGM homes,  make an adorable portable lemonade stand!  I told her that I would love to work with her and these adorable business owners, so we got to work!

Their business was a lemonade stand that was used on a Friday during recess.  The children pre-sold wrist bands for lemonade day at Forest Ridge the week of the big day.  They did everything from making signs to making morning announcements, and starring in their own commercial that aired during lunch time!  The children learned some amazing life lessons and raised a little over $900 which they donated to charities.

We are so lucky to live in a community where teachers go above and beyond teaching 1 plus 1 and truly teach children life lessons.   Thank you Mrs. Chenault and Trey Hickman at Spirit of Texas Bank for teaching these kids how rewarding and hard it can be to own your own business.  Thank you also to all the teachers, faculty, and staff who allowed these kids to market and run their business during school!  Watch out world, there are 7 little Entrepreneurs waiting to take on the business world some day! 

 The video below shows some of the marketing the children used to promote their business as well as their commercial, and reflections on owning their own business!  It is priceless!

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