Bryan/College Station Undervalued????

Why Purchase a Home in College Station or Bryan?
July 16, 2009
A Great Place for Breakfast and Coffee in College Station
July 20, 2009

Bryan/College Station Undervalued????

Joining Las Vegas, Houston, and San Fransisco, Bryan/College Station made the list of America’s 10 Best Undervalued Places to Live according to IHS Global Insight.  What does that mean?  Undervalue means to value, rate, or estimate below the real worth.  When undervalue pertains to Real Estate, it means that buyers have more purchasing power.   We stand #9 on the list of undervalued places to live in America.  Our housing market was fueled by job growth and expansion of businesses.  Texas A&M is also one of the major factors that has sustained our great economy here in the Brazos Valley Housing Market.  Click here for the direct report link –

 America’s 10 Best Undervalued Places to Live: (Percent of undervaluation, according to IHS Global Insight.)

  1. Las Vegas: 41 percent
  2. Houston: 37 percent
  3. Naples, Fla.: 33 percent
  4. Oklahoma City: 29 percent
  5. Sarasota, Fla. 28 percent
  6. San Francisco: 25 percent
  7. Atlanta: 24 percent
  8. Omaha: 23 percent
  9. College Station-Bryan, Texas: 21 percent
  10. San Diego: 21 percent

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