Bryan College Station Realtors Enjoy Celebration Lunch at Chuy’s

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October 12, 2011
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October 12, 2011

Bryan College Station Realtors Enjoy Celebration Lunch at Chuy’s

Century 21 Beal Red Beret Team enjoyed a celebration lunch at Chuy’s today. As our real estate annual business planning retreat is fast approaching, the agents divided themselves into 2 groups to encourage each other & learn more.  Having a little competition also makes the workplace more fun. Competition included sales, listings and reaching out to customers in the Brazos Valley.

The Red Beret Team consists of – 

  • Jeff Leatherwood
  • Carol Rakowitz
  • Kathy Massey
  • Linda Stribling
  • Steve Santos
  • Hank Robertson
  • David Corso
  • Lisa Shaw
  • Mariela Laprea
  • David Whitener
  • Madeline Stiles
  • Clay Lee
  • Kim Varner
  • Bob Walker
  • Barbara Green
  • Luke Marvel
  • Andrew Kinkler
  • Brenda Harmon
  • Laura Bounds
  • Veronica Burns
  • Nickol Pylinski
  • Elisa Lopez
  • Fred Johnson

Also in attendance at the lunch  – Natalie Porter and Susan Hilton 

Hope the MASH team sees how much fun the “other” team had at lunch today and is inspired to do even more so they win next month!


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