Bryan College Station Real Estate Update for September 2010

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September 24, 2010
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September 29, 2010

Bryan College Station Real Estate Update for September 2010

August 2010 Bryan/College Station, Texas Real Estate market reports have been in for a few days, and I have held off reporting them as I am concerned about interpretation. So, below are the numbers for what has happened in the real estate market in Bryan/College Station for January through August 2010 (without my crystal ball interpretations) along with a little progressive news about things that will be happening in our area to help generate jobs and business development.  And, how about a great video of Century 21 Beal agents at Traditions too!

  • 248 more properties were listed in August 2010 over August 2009

Up 84% over 2009

Up 32% over 2008

  • 53 fewer properties were sold in August 2010 than in August 2009

Down 21.9% from 2009

Down 32.9% from 2008

  • There are 377 more properties on the market now than there were in August 2009. (Inventory)

Up 30.9% over 2009

  • Sales Volume is Down 40.8% Compared to 2008 – $9,958,860 less real estate was sold in 2010 than in 2009

Down 22.6% from 2009

Down 35.2% from 2008

9-27-2010 4-46-42 PMAvailable ListingsListings Taken

Now for the GREAT NEWS!!! (Click below for the full articles.)


Have you ever been driving around a neighborhood and wanted to know how much a house is selling for but you didn’t want to “bother” the agent or they weren’t there when you called? WE HAVE THE ANSWER!!!   Call 979-764-2121 and enter the street number and you can HEAR information about that house.


If you are reading this you must be interested in real estate. Think about taking that interest to the next step. Find out  what a career in real estate sales can offer you and your family. Yes a license is required and you will need to take classes to qualify to take the licensing  exam. All the courses can be taken online. Century21 International and Century 21 Beal offers the best success training in this area. Call Mike Beal at 979.764.2100

Share the knowledge that Bryan/College Station is NOT participating in a real estate recession!

And, we need your help – we need your referrals. CALL ME!

Susan Hilton

CENTURY 21 Beal, Inc.

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