Bryan College Station Real Estate February Single Family Market Report 2009

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March 14, 2009
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March 26, 2009

Bryan College Station Real Estate February Single Family Market Report 2009

Single Family Real Estate Monthly Market Stats

February 2009

                                          2009                    2008

# Listings in Inventory          1, 188                1, 351

      Down – 12.1% 

# Closed Sales                       91                     132

     Down – 31.1%

Average Sales Price             $172,928            $169,261            

     Up – 2.2%  

# Volume                           $15,736,430       $22,342,476     

     Down – 29.6% 

 Days on Market                    130                     126

So what is really going on in the Bryan/College Station real estate market? The numbers don’t look good but what you see above is the effect of the fear in the market in November, December and January with the elections, stock market decline and horrible national news.  We are in a bubbled community but we still see some of the effects of the national news.

So what is going on right now?  It depends!  We are seeing the higher priced homes being reduced to get them sold. We are seeing the homes in the $120 – $150K in College Station that are in good condition and good areas, selling right away.  Right now we have more buyers than we have good properties to sell.

Financing is a little more of a struggle than it was a year ago BUT THERE IS MORTGAGE MONEY AVAILABLE! Buyers need decent credit and they need a small down payment but that can come in the form of a gift until the $8,000 tax credit is received!

The last 2 weeks we have seen the stock market begin back up, the phones ringing, buyers buying and sellers selling…. I vote we don’t listen to the national news anymore! Real estate is LOCAL and NOW is the time to move up to a nicer home!



For more information about the NEW HOMEBUYER $8,000 Tax Credit – and and Call me to take advantage of today’s real estate market! 

Susan Hilton  979-219-3970

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