Bryan College Station Real Estate 2009 Market Summary

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January 21, 2010
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February 2, 2010

Bryan College Station Real Estate 2009 Market Summary


Bryan/College Station Real Estate

Market Statistics

2009 was quite a year!   We started off 2009 with January about 24% behind the previous year. We were all concerned that Bryan/College Station might follow the rest of the nation into the recession. Then February came and we were even further behind. We didn’t know what to expect the rest of the year but it sure didn’t look good.

The first quarter was really poor and then April and May turned into months 20% & 27% behind 2008.

Then we started seeing the turn. June was only 2% behind. We were SO happy that we were seeing less of a loss. Compared to the rest of the world a little loss was a good thing. When October and November rolled around we were SOOOOO excited! We actually saw increases over the prior year.

Yes, 2009 ended 12% below 2008, but compared to the rest of the nation, we did just fine. We sold fewer homes, but we did not see a significant decline in sales prices – just fewer people moving. I’m still SO glad we live in Bryan/College Station!

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Are you thinking about selling in 2010? It may take a little longer to sell depending on the market segment you are in, but we need to look at it earlier than normal. Call me and we can review a Market Timing Analysis so you know when you need to start the selling process and what you might want to do to make your home more saleable.

I have been very surprised that so few people know about the $6,500 tax credit. In the past the tax credits have been for First Time Home Buyers only, but now the Federal Government has expanded the tax credits to Repeat Home Buyers, too. Last month I sent out this recent article entitled If You Don’t Buy a House Now, You’re Stupid or Broke from Business Week but it was too good not to send it again. Yes, this title is a bit harsh, but hopefully it will cause us to stop and think. Mortgage rates are holding around 5%, which is one of the lowest rates in the last 40 years!  Not only do we have great low 30 year fixed interest rates, we have a possible $6,500 – $8,000 tax credit. What more do we need?

Have you ever been driving around a neighborhood and wanted to know how much a house is selling for but you didn’t want to “bother” the agent or they weren’t there when you called? WE HAVE THE ANSWER!!!   Call 979-764-2121 and enter the street number and you can HEAR information about that house.


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Share the knowledge that Bryan/College Station is NOT participating in a real estate recession!

And, we need your help – we need your referrals. CALL ME!

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