Brazos Valley Children’s Museum Short on Funds

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November 6, 2010
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Brazos Valley Children’s Museum Short on Funds

stephchildrenmuseumI heard on the news tonight that the Children’s Museum of the Brazos Valley is very short on funds. According to Board Vice President Brian Bowers, the museum needs funds to stay open. Channel 3 reported the Museum is pleading with the community for donations.

My children are a little old for the Children’s Museum but I remember how much fun it was when they were little. We have great photos of our time together there BUT with the economy struggling and every charity looking for more money is the Children’s Museum the most important place to put our money?  College Station was rated as one of the most Family Friendly Cities  in the Country. Will our rankings change without a Children’s Museum?   If you have money to donate where are you going to give?children museum

When money is tight and we can’t/won’t or just don’t give as much as we did in the past, which group will you give your money to? Will the Children’s Museum be one of the first in the Brazos Valley to close? Or, will you step up and help them out? Will you make the Children’s Museum a priority? If not, why not?

“The Mission of The Children’s Museum of the Brazos Valley is to provide a child-centered, hands-on, interactive environment for learning and discovery for children.”   Where is the most important place for our money right now?

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Susan Hilton

Give to The Children’s Museum of the Brazos Valley at 111 E. 27th Street, Bryan, TX 77803 or call 979-779-KIDS

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