Best Divorce Cakes Ever!

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August 5, 2008
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August 5, 2008

Best Divorce Cakes Ever!

Major events in our lives are often marked with food and celebration. From a first birthday cake to a wake before a funeral and everything in between, the practice of having food and festivity to mark important events in our lives has been shared across cultural boundaries for centuries.

It should be no surprise to anyone that since there are wedding cakes, there should also be divorce cakes! The pictures here are just a few examples of the creativity that some people put into celebrating the end of “happily ever after” just like they did in celebrating the beginning of the marriage.

As unfortunate as divorce is, people sometimes make mistakes in choosing a spouse. In those cases, divorce can be the best option for everyone.

In a divorce situation, it is best to have attorneys handle the messy details. If a house is involved, it is also a good idea to bring in a REALTOR® to assist in handling the disposition of any real estate.

If the divorce decree says that the house or other real property will be sold and the proceeds divided, a REALTOR® can handle the details of the transaction with sensitivity and professionalism. REALTORS® can also provide a comparative market analysis or broker’s price opinion if information is needed during the divorce proceedings about the potential value of the property.

Most importantly, a REALTOR® can act as a neutral third party between divorcing couples. Selling a home can sometimes be difficult for those with strong, happy marriages. Divorce makes the process many times more complicated. A REALTOR® can keep the lines of communication open between soon-to-be-ex-spouses and manage all the details for you.

Whether you need to sell a home because of a divorce or now need to find a new home because of one, call Jason Johnston with Century 21 Beal (979-571-3553 cell) for professional, caring service.

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