Are you Ready for Halloween? Is Your College Station HOME Ready?

First Friday in Downtown Bryan October 2009
October 19, 2009
Century 21 Beal AGAIN hosted a Successful Food Drive for the Brazos Church Food Pantry!
October 26, 2009

Are you Ready for Halloween? Is Your College Station HOME Ready?

This year Halloween is on a Saturday – the BEST day for Trick or Treaters, Halloween decorations and LOTS of parties!


Before you host that party and before the little ones hunting for candy start running through your yard and around your decorations, take just a few minutes and think about ways to keep our little goblins safe –
  1. Watch your candles!  Never leave candles unattended – inside or out.
  2. Keep candles away from combustibles – curtains, decorations… and never leave a candle unattended.
  3. Watch your extension cord loads. Are you one that plugs one thing into another into another into another and then into an extension cord? NO!!!  Make sure you don’t overload your extension cords or electrical outlets. Just because there is an open plug it does not mean that you can add just one more thing.
  4. Indoor lights outside – NO!  Make sure you are using the lights as they were designed and tested. Indoor lights cannot withstand the elements outdoors.
  5. Candle on the sidewalk?  Careful – Careful!  Make sure the little one’s costumes won’t fly too close and the candles won’t be knocked over.  Fire and Trick or Treaters do NOT go together.
  6. Decorations in the yard? Make sure there are no wires to trip over or get caught up in.
  7. Costume Aware?
    1. Can your child see past the mask? They must have good visibility to watch for cars and items they might trip over.
    2. Dark or light? Always choose light if your child is out Trick or Treating.  Safety first!
    3. Flame Resistant costumes are a MUST.
    4. Flashlights, glow sticks, reflective items…. YES!
  8. Are you going Trick or Treating too?
    1. Children should be accompanied at all times.
    2. Never cross in the middle of the street.
    3. Can we eat our candy along the way – sorry but no. All items should be inspected before anyone eats anything.
Sometimes we read lists like this and think – “Why would anyone write this? It is just common sense!”
So true except it only takes one time to not think things through and decorate with a candle or leave something in the yard that a child could trip over or let your child go out in a dark costume and disaster happens. We all see it every year on the news – accidents happen. Let’s not let it happen again this year. Pass this on to everyone you know. If we would all just stop and use a little more common sense maybe next year we won’t need a list like this.

Susan Hilton

Century 21 Beal, Inc.


[email protected]

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