Are Big SUV’s really a thing of the past???

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July 29, 2008
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July 30, 2008

Are Big SUV’s really a thing of the past???

First no more H1 Hummer….Now This??? The Ford Flex?

I agree we need to do what we can to reduce greenhouse gasses and create vehicles with better emmissions. However, I gotta admit that in the back of my mind I always felt that the “Preeminent Death of the SUV” was just a liberal idea that was never going to (or at least not this rapidly) materialize.

But Now This: a “Big Crossover” from Ford (I guess this replaced the Excursion!!!)

It’s great to create a big vehicle that seats a bunch of people. In fact, in alot of ways for many people/familys I think this is probably a better solution in terms of environmental cost that the traditional Hybrid. (Not to mention the environmental cost of the battery parts in, for example, a Toyota Prius…)

What pollutes less??? A family of 5 going to Dinner in a Tahoe (with a service life of over 200,000 miles but thats a seperate argument) Or a Family of 5 going to dinner in 2 Prius’ or Pri (with a service life of ~80,000, again seperate argument)???

My argument is that SUVs are a utility for alot of people…Lets keep’em around America. How else are you gonna pull a …

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  1. Joey Condon says:

    I will not give in to the samll car again. I had my experience and i hated it. I will always be a customer of the bug SUVs