Another example of “The Spirit Can Ne’er Be Told”


Many times when people hear “There’s a spirit can ne’er be told, it’s the spirit of Aggileand”, they wonder what it means. For those of us that live here, we know exactly what it means. Whether it’s standing for our football team, mourning the loss of our 12 Aggies during the Bonfire collapse, or collecting thousands of pounds of food at the Food for Families Food Drive, our community comes together!

By now, I’m sure you know the story about the Flowers boys who lost their mother and father only 2 1/2 months apart! In no time at all, this community embraced this family and helped them in every way they could.

This Aggieland Spirit was never more evident than this weekend at a BBQ benefit for the Flowers family at Kroger on Rock Prairie Road. The benefit was initiated by Debbie Shaw, an employee at Kroger. Kroger really stepped up to the plate and donated all of the food which ranged from fajitas, burgers, to sausage with all the fixins, chips, drinks, and cookies! DJ’s from local radio stations were broadcasting live, and there was even a musical performance! There were tons of people standing in lines ready to make their donations. In just a matter of hours, our amazing community raised $32,000 for this family in need.

The highlight of the day for me was watching the boys hand out the food to all the people who were waiting in line. They were adorable when the DJ handed them the mic as they told everyone what they were offering. Though their time was short with their parents, it is evident that they had amazing parents who raised some GREAT boys. They all seemed to have wonderful personalities and were so polite and greatful. Their grandmother is a bundle of energy and her positivity and grace will be ther perfect thing to help these boys during this difficult time.

It was a moment that gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes as I watched the community embrace this family! It was one of those moments that made me so proud to say I live in Aggieland and yet another example of The Spirit Can Ne’er Be Told! Thanks B/CS!

To donate to the Flowers family, call First American bank, for the account under the name of Susan Solich(grandmother of the boys)

Farrah Spears, Realtor, Century 21, Beal