Another College Station Animal Adventure with Raylene Lewis

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August 9, 2008
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August 9, 2008

Another College Station Animal Adventure with Raylene Lewis

College Station Real Estate helping othersOK, so if you know me you know I am a big animal lover, gigantic really. I don’t know why, but my broker and the office manager here at Century 21 Beal, Inc. in College Station TX can attest to the fact that I am always running into unique animal situations. I think it all started 6 years ago when I was a newer agent:

I was on a final walk through on a home in the country. The Buyer noticed that the chickens were still in the coup in the back yard. She didn’t want them, and the Seller was long gone, so to complete the sale I took them home. Truth be told, at the time I lived in a subdivision and although I thoroughly enjoyed the fresh eggs, one day after work I came home to find two of the birds “nesting” on the top of my roof. After that, they had to go, but I found a great country home for them.

Since then there has been a plethora of creatures cross my path: from squirrels, turtles and rabbits hit by cars, to abandoned puppies, kittens, half-starved dogs, goats, wild birds, abandoned fish in fish tanks, etc, and I do my best to help each time the need arises. I have even assisted a chicken with a broken leg and a mole. Sadly, the mole didn’t make it, but I do have a pretty good track record. ;D

Raylene Lewis helps a buzzardThis week, I helped a Buzzard. Yep. A Buzzard. When I arrived home from work, it became apparent that a buzzard had broken his wing (probably from being hit by a car) and had decided to call my backyard his new home.

I already have approximately 12 ducks that live in my backyard (a story for another day). As I have no medical training to repair a wing, and as his beak could easily have removed one of my fingers or one of my kiddos hands, it was obvious my backyard was not a good place for him stay.

College Station Animal Control

Thus, I called on my friends at the City of College Station’s Animal Control Division. Within 20 minutes, a officier was on hand to help relocate my new feathered friend. For those of you who don’t know, Animal Control will take injured animals to be evaluated by a veterinary rehabilitation specialist. If the animal is in a condition that can be helped, help will be provided and the animal will be rehabbed.

One thing you may not know about buzzards, (I did not know this before today) when they get upset, they throw up. And if you think it is yucky and smelly to see your food for a second time, imagine the results this bird can produce as we all know what they just got finished eating. BLAH.

City of College Station Helping a BuzzardTo put an end to this long story, I would like to thank the officer who came out and helped me de-buzzard my yard and I would like to thank my husband for helping him do it. I wish the buzzard a smooth recovery an a happy life at his new location.

Please: be kind to animals, and help them when they need it!

Happy Home Buying and Selling!

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