Aggie Band honoring 9/11/11!!!

Aggie land getting wet!!!
September 26, 2011
Jeffrey Leatherwood Stands Out in Commercial Real Estate in Bryan College Station!
September 29, 2011

Aggie Band honoring 9/11/11!!!

Click here for Houston Texans host the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band Performance!

The Southeastern Conference Presidents and Chancellors, acting unanimously, announced today that Texas A&M University will join the Southeastern Conference effective July 1, 2012.  SEC is in for a treat during half time when the Aggie Band displays perfection on the field!!

College Station is home for the Texas Aggie Band and has been for over 117 years from it’s beginnings in 1894 with 13 members.  It boasts more than 400 today.  The military perfection is a result of mind bending hours of practice and hard core instructions from the Corps of Cadets, which all are members.  It is an “All volunteer” organization with no school credit awarded or any additional compensation except the opportunity to perform in front of sometimes 80,000+ fans.  Here is a link to the Battalion that will help understand why students join.  The Battalion.

“The band is nationally known for its stirring renditions of patriotic tunes and precision military marching style. Among its most popular numbers are “The Aggie War Hymn,” the school’s fight song; “The Spirit of Aggieland,” its alma mater; “Noble Men o f Kyle,” the group’s signature march; “The Ballad of the Green Berets;” and “Stars and Stripes Forever.”” —quote from the Aggie Band Fact Sheet.

My kids were amazed at the precision of their marching and it took me back to all the parades and events I marched in while serving as a Soldier for 8 yrs.  My feet will never forget!!

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