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CENTURY 21 Beal, Inc. 404 H University Drive East College Station, Tx 77845 979-764-2100 www.century21bcs.com www.aggielandrealestatecareers.com www.century21aggieland.com www.thecenturytreereader.com As Bryan-College Station’s oldest real estate firm, CENTURY 21 Beal, Inc. has a history of professional service to our area since 1946. Having an understanding of the community and the individual buyers and sellers has allowed CENTURY 21 Beal to withstand the changes in this real estate market. We are committed to doing everything possible to assist […]

Is The Real Estate Market Crashing???

Not here in Bryan College Station! We are experiencing our tried and true strong steady appreciation that we’ve seen for decades. All over the news the economy is devastating and home prices are “Tanking”. Not here in Bryan College Station, or the entire Brazos Valley for that matter. In a recent local market assessment we were able to determine at least moderate appreciation in every price range available here in BCS for the past two […]

The Republic Steakhouse: College Station’s Only AAA 4-Diamond Award Restaurant

When I first came to College Station over a decade ago, I remember everyone complaining that we just didn’t’ have enough good places to eat. They also complained that what we did have wasn’t all the amazing. Well just over a year ago, one of my long time clients and college friends Wade Barkman moved backed to College Station to try to change that. In 1999, Wade graduated from Texas A&M and …

Century 21 Beal Clients Earn Softball Coaching Staff of The Year Honors!

It’s rare that we get to brag on our clients, but I had to brag on mine today. All three of these ladies have purchased multiple properties from our office and have even let me refer them to agents in other locations to help them buy properties there. They all three coach the girls softball team at Texas A&M and this year, they played in the final game of the World Series and just barely […]

Pricing a Home in Today’s Market

There is a big question going on right now on how to correctly price homes for sale in Bryan, College Station given the current state of the market and the economy in general. Everyone has heard that the local area here has not been hurt nearly as bad as the rest of the nation and that is 100% true. Largely because of Texas A&M University, and because our home prices have never been grossly inflated […]

Easterwood Airport: Is the Convenience Worth the Potential Delay?

Easterwood Airport is the only airport in the area, and it is owned and operated by Texas A&M University. It provides both commertial and general aviation services. When you are headed out of town from Easterwood, your choices are American Airlines or Continental, and currently approximately 85,000 passangers choose one or the other each year. When you depart from Easterwood, your next stop is either Dallas or Houston and the cost will be at least […]

Welcome to Aggieland! Do You Know What We Have Here?

[youtube]ssTVqIgOelw[/youtube] Do you know why College Station, Texas (Aggieland) and Texas A&M University are so special? What do you tell people when they ask? I know trying to convey just SOME of the many wonderful things about Aggieland is difficult so when I ran across this YouTube video I knew I had to share it. Take just a few minutes to learn about our community (or refersh your memory). Bryan and College Station are special […]

We Bleed Maroon…. Do You?

Have you heard the song, We Bleed Maroon? Have you seen the video? Aggieland has some of the strongest traditions of any school in the country. The values are strong, honor, honesty and integrity is not only expected by the University but is expected by the students of each other. The loyalty and respect for each other outlives the time someone spends at Texas A&M University. Remember…. once an Aggie…. always an Aggie! [youtube]vsz8sJ68udc[/youtube] Susan […]

Aggie Sweetheart Ring Photo WANTED!

The Aggie Tradition of the Sweetheart Ring stopped back in 1972 (a little before the internet) and I’m searching for a photo. I find many Aggie Class Rings but where are the Sweetheart Ring photos? Texas A&M says “any male former student in the Class of 1972 or before who qualifies for an Aggie Ring, may order his wife or mother a “sweetheart ring” – a women’s replica of his ring; including the same class […]