5 Common Misconceptions about Real Estate in Bryan College Station

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May 6, 2008
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5 Common Misconceptions about Real Estate in Bryan College Station

1) “All Realtors have access to the same things so it doesn’t matter who I list with.”— The truth is that every Realtor is unique. Since we are independent contractors, we choose what marketing tools pay for and incorporate into our business marketing plan for the houses we sell. Realtors also offer a variety of different services. A few examples include: where and how the property will be marketed, what times the Realtor will make themselves available, what additional services for the client’s convenience are provided, what tools are used to capture buyers looking for homes, and what tools are used convert those buyers to a sale.

2) “I was able to get the Realtor to reduce their commission, so I got a better deal on the sale of my house.”— This statement is almost never the case. Remember, each Realtor pays for their own marketing and advertising of the home. If the Realtor has it within their budget to reduce their commission, then that Realtor is not planning on marketing and advertising the home aggressively. I am 100% certain about this, because I know no one plans to work for free. You must also take into consideration the fact that for every month the property does not sell, most Sellers are still making a house payment. A house that is properly and aggressively marketed and advertised will not stay for sale as long as a home that has little to no marketing and advertising. When a seller makes a payment, most of that payment goes to the interest, with very little being put down towards the principle. A good Realtor will sell the home quickly and save the seller additional, unnecessary house payments.

3) “The Realtor whose sign is in the yard is the best Realtor to help me with that particular house for sale.”— This is not true because the Realtor whose sign is in the front yard has been hired to help the seller get the best price for the home and sell it within a particular time frame. If you are looking to make a purchase, you want a Realtor who has no conflict of interest. You want your Realtor to look out for your best interest and to get you the home at the best possible price and within your time frame. Normally, the best way to do this is by hiring a Realtor to act as your Buyer’s agent and solely look after you instead of calling the Realtor whose sign is in the front yard.

4) “Selling a house is easy. Realtors make too much money for the job they do.” —Boy, don’t I wish this one was a true statement! If it was, there would probably be a lot more Realtors in the world! There are several things that need to be kept in mind. 1) Realtors are pretty much on call like doctors. If we do our job right, we are required to work evenings and weekends. If someone calls at a moment’s notice about a property, to get the house sold (and thus to eat), we have to leave our families and whatever we were doing to go take care of that buyer. 2) Realtors don’t get 6% commission. It would be wonderful if we did!! Instead what really happens after all the splits with the listing or selling agent and the company we work for we end up with about 1.5% of the sale. That is not too bad, but remember that amount is before taxes and before marketing expenses. 3) Selling a house and talking good care of our clients is not an easy task. There are a ton of steps in the home buying and selling process where any number of things can go wrong. The Real Estate industry has a very high turnover rate. I can’t even begin to count the number of agents in my office who have come and gone because the job is extremely stressful and difficult.

5) ” All, we need is the property listed on the MLS system” —This statement is just not true. Remember, just listing the property on MLS is not going to get the home sold. The property has to be properly marketed to gain the attention and interest of the buyer. All real estate companies do not provide the same level of marketing, advertising, and services. Also, there are some companies that do not operate on evenings or weekends, which is the time that most buyers are out looking, and calling about properties. Homes that have no marketing or advertising and are just placed on the MLS system typically have a higher active days on market, sell for less money and expire more frequently than a home listed with a Full Service Agency.

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