2010 Holidays October – Which Ones Will You Celebrate?

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October 8, 2010
2010 Weiner Dog Fest at Wolf Pen Creek Park in College Station
October 9, 2010

2010 Holidays October – Which Ones Will You Celebrate?

How many 2010 holidays can there really be? Have you ever wanted to take a day off and didn’t know what to use as an excuse? NOW YOU KNOW!!!  Each month on the first of the month I’ll post the “Holidays/Excuses” for the month.  So… Happy _________ Day!


Oct 1-   Lee’s National Denim Day

Oct 2-   World Card Making Day

Oct 3-   Alternative Fuel Day

Oct 4-   Improve Your Office Day

Oct 5-   World Teachers Day

Oct 6-   Balloons Around the World

Oct 7-   National Frappe Day

Oct 8-   Go Play Tag Day

Oct 9-   Universal Music Day

Oct 10- Double Tenth Day

Oct 11- Columbus Day – National Pizza Day

Oct 12- International Moment of Frustration Scream Day

Oct 13- Emergency Nurses Day

Oct 14- National lowercase day

Oct 15- National Grouch Day

Oct 16- Sweetest Day

Oct 17- Look Gaudy Day

Oct 18- Scary Black Cat Day

Oct 19- Evaluate Your Life Day

Oct 20- Hagfish Day

Oct 21- International Stuttering Awareness Day


Oct 23- National Mole Day

Oct 24- 40-Hour Work Week Introduced (1940)

Oct 25- Pablo Picasso Born (1881)

Oct 26- Worlwide Howl at the Moon Night

Oct 27- Teddy Roosevelt Born (1858)

Oct 28- Statue of Liberty Opened (1886)

Oct 29- Frankenstein Friday

Oct 30- Create a Great Funeral Day

Oct 31- Halloween – National Caramel Apple Day

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