10 Rules of Selling a House in College Station Texas

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August 19, 2008
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August 20, 2008

10 Rules of Selling a House in College Station Texas

Ten fingers College Station Real EstateRule #1 – NO PETS Allowed!

  • Pets, litter boxes,food bowls, pet beds…. they all need to be removed. Sending pets to be boarded during the marketing and sales period is best.


  • Have a little background music playing to set the mood? Turn it down! Agents will usually not hunt for the controls to turn the music down so please keep it turned down low.

Rule #3 – NO Smoking!

  • Non smokers can’t stand the smell of smoke. Even smokers don’t want to purchase a home that already has the smell of smoke.

But Susan – I smoke – now what?  Sorry but if you want the highest possible price for your home, now is the time to give up smoking. I suggest no smoking on the back porch either. The smell follows you around and it WILL affect the sales price of your home.

Rule #4 – Three’s a Crowd & You are the Crowd!

  • Buyers want to really look at the house. They need to be relaxed to really experience the home. They need to be able to talk honestly about things they like or don’t like. They can’t do that if you are there. Most people are afraid they will either hurt the seller’s feelings or give away their marketing position. Either way they rush through the showing and usually move on to something else.

Rule #5 – SHHHHHH!

  • If you have to be a the property during a showing – SHHHH! Let the agent talk – not you.

Rule #6 – Sniff!!!

  • What do you smell? Smell is an important first impression. Cook something warm and inviting like cookies or pie or even a plate of cornmeal heated in the oven. The goal is that the aroma will make the buyer feel welcome.

Rule #7 – Maintenance, Taxes and Utility Records Available

  • Put together a Home Binder with a/c and heat maintenance records, water bills, utility bills, (12 months) and repair bills (e.g. when was the a/c serviced, roof replaced, new dishwasher, etc.)

Rule #8 – LET ME IN!

  • When there is a showing make sure the lockbox is on the porch, the key is in it and you are gone. When an agent calls to set an appointment say YES!!!

Rule #9 – You Want WHAT for the house?

  • Listen to your agent about what the property is worth. I know it may be worth more to you – you love it. But, what it is worth on the open market is decided by prudent buyers. As agents, we see many prudent buyers each week who rule out over priced homes without even viewing them. Be realistic and lets get you the highest possible price NOW!

Rule #9 – Spend a Little & Make a Lot!

  • Spend just a bit as your agent suggests and spruce up your home. Make those minor cosmetic repairs, paint a room or two, clean the carpet, remove the extra furniture, put the plant at the front door, paint the front door, take the frog collection off the shelves…… Listen to your REALTOR!


  • Choosing the right agent is such an important part of the process. There are many agents that will do a good job for you but search for the one that will do a GREAT job. Look for a market leader, an agent from an office with extensive training, an office with a strong broker, one with great office support, signage, significant Internet presence, open Saturday and Sunday and someone you think you can really work with. And choose an agent that uses a Seller Service Pledge  and a Buyer Service Pledge so you have in writing what the agent will be doing for you and a guarantee that they will actually do it. (Century 21 Agents will be glad to provide you a copy!)

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