Paper Paper Everywhere and Not a One to Find!

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Paper Paper Everywhere and Not a One to Find!

Paper everywhereYour center console of your car is not a good spot for real estate paperwork. Neither is the stack of papers polluting the top of your home desk. Let’s take a few minutes to spring-clean your files and organize a small corner of your life.

Remember that saying your momma often quoted: “A place for everything and everything in its place.” Keep a notebook or hanging file folder for your real estate paperwork. This can include notes, floor plans, sprinkler system drawings, magazine clippings. Anything that pertains to your home. This file should be used like a power tool. You protect a power tool by putting it away when finished, not allowing children to play with it, etc. The same goes for any important documents. They need a secure home. Keep them there! Preserving real estate paperwork will save you hours and hours of frustration.

The next time a question arises regarding property appraisals, easements, or deed restrictions, you will know right where to go. Consider what happens when a hurricane or other severe weather blows through the Brazos Valley. Where will you dig to answer your home insurance questions? How about an email regarding your property?

You can create an electronic file folder by the same name as your hard copy notebook. That way you won’t have to remember two separate names for one entity. When the time comes to sell your beloved Brazos Valley home, you can pass along your treasure trove of information and resources to the next home owner.

What a gift to bestow!


  1. Susan Hilton says:

    Electronic filing of documents is a great idea! I also like to have the hard copies filed away in a separate location. Sometimes it is just nice to have it all on paper.

  2. Carol Ann Rakowitz says:

    As a Realtor it is sooooooooooo cool when the seller has a packet of information to give to the new buyer at closing. It makes the buyer feel more secure in their purchase knowing that the seller cared enough about their investment that they kept records that matter and are willing to pass that along.