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January 25, 2011
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February 28, 2011



So, if you saw this group of ladies headed your way, as a restaurant manager, you might just close the doors and warn the employees, right!? I know I would! But not Skylar Bell, the manager of the newly opening Chuy’s in Post Oak Mall’s Parking lot. As a matter of fact, he invited us in early to help train the new wait staff! And, I must say, we did a great job breaking them in for all you B/CS residents!

That being said, I cannot tell you how impressed we were with the quality of the people and the food at Chuy’s. For those of you who haven’t been to one before, you will love the eclectic atmosphere featuring everything from palm trees to an Elvis display. As a matter of fact…EVERY Chuy’s has an Elvis display! And, every Chuy’s is a little bit different. Which is where the slogan, IF YOU’VE SEEN ONE CHUY’S, YOU’VE SEEN ONE CHUY’S, comes from. Be sure to ask your wait person why. It is a very interesting story!

The menu offers you tex mex, with a twist! Be sure to ask for my favorite sauce, the Creamy Jalapeno! This stuff is legendary! A friend of mine was more excited about this dipping sauce than anything else on the menu. I asked our waitress if I could have a little ‘to go’ and dropped it off at her house on the way home. It was devoured by her family before I could get from her house in Indian Lakes, to my house in Castlegate. It’s just that good!

They have Signature Dishes, Signature Drinks and Signatures sauces that will make you say ‘sign me up for another round!’ With hand rolled tortillas, salsa made fresh EVERY HOUR, even the margaritas are made with fresh squeezed lime juice, it is obvious they take food seriously!

And, if it’s a happy hour you are looking for, you have found the right place. The Nacho Car is stuffed with chile con queso, salsa’s, chips and more during happy hours!

This Chuy’s location is really living up to the concept of providing a fun and friendly spot to eat. I am thrilled to add it to my MUST EAT places in Bryan/College Station!

Now, it’s your turn! What is your favorite Chuy’s menu item or story?

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