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Where Am I? Category

The Century Tree Reader Easter Abounds in Pebble Creek

Do you have your Easter decorations up yet? Join us at the Easter Egg Hunt by Century 21 Beal!Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Where O Where O Where Can I Be?

Any idea where this stands? Just got back from my trip to New Braunsfels with my daughter and 2 of her friends. No - this is not in New Braunsfels but could I have seen it on the way there? Yes, it is within the real estate sales area of Century 21 Beal. Yes, it could be in Bryan or College Station or Caldwell or Hearne depending on which way I went to New Braunsfels. Do you know? Be the first to...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Modern Art – Is it in College Station?

Where O Where could this art be?  College Station, Bryan and Caldwell have such interesting art work. Do you know where this art can be found? Be the first to answer the following questions on The Century Tree Reader (College Station Real Estate's Best Source of Real Estate Information) and (more…)Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Where Is this Christmas Light Display?

Feather headdress? Circle of Christmas Lights? My kids have always enjoyed this statue especially since it is ok to touch. Where could it be in Bryan, College Station or maybe even in Caldwell... Do you know? Be the first to comment below with the correct answers to (more…)Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Where Am I? Rock Paper Scissors?

This doesn't look like Bryan or College Station. Since when do we have rocks that look like New Mexico? Can you tell me where this is? Be the first to tell me all 3 things... 1. Where is this located? 2. What name should the winner be known as? 3Tell me something GREAT about Bryan/College Station. Be the first to answer all 3 questions correctly on TheCenturyTree, win the prize and forever be known as ?????? Susan Hilton - Realtor & Sales Trainer for Century...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Brazos County is Going to the Dogs?

Are we going to the dogs in College Station? Maybe the dogs are in Bryan? Could the dogs be rolling on Caldwell real estate? The Brazos Valley has such a varied amount of art! Be at least the 4th different person to comment and tell me where these dogs are located and who won the Samurai Warrior "Where Am I" post. Susan Hilton - Realtor & Sales Trainer for Century 21 Beal Want to Search the Bryan/College Station MLS? CLICK HERE!!! View Susan Hilton’s profile...Continue Reading!