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How Psychology Plays a Role in Selling College Station Real Estate

As an experienced College Station real estate agent, I have long been aware of the fact that psychology plays an unexpectedly large role in selling real estate.  Everything - from how a homebuyer perceives his agent to how a seller prices her home - plays a huge role.  When the market was on the rise, this was considered mildly interesting information; now that the market is a bit less stable, this information is much more relevant.  (more…)Continue Reading!

How College Station Homeowners and Businesses Can Save up to Thousands of Dollars a Year with Small Changes!

Homeowners who would like to save money around the house and businesses that need to improve their company's bottom line can begin this process by making small changes.  Getting everyone in your household or office involved in making these small changes can very quickly add up to hundreds, even thousands of dollars in yearly savings.  Of course, these changes always should be consistent with green practices; fortunately, many money saving tips are (by their very essence) positive for the environment.  (more…)Continue Reading!

Current Market Trends in College Station and Bryan: A Great Time to Buy, and Whether Sellers Should Reduce Their Asking Price

National home sellers learned a difficult lesson in June: if you want to sell right now, lower the price.  The real estate website analyzed the home sales across the nation for June, and proved that it truly is a buyer's market.  They note that approximately 24% of all listings that were on the market as of July 1 had experienced at least one price reduction, up from 9% of all listings one month earlier.   The average price drop is...Continue Reading!

The Anatomy of a Foreclosure – Information for College Station Homeowners and Home Buyers

One of the most prevalent, hard-hitting issues affecting the real estate market today is foreclosure.  Most people, while terrified of this word, do not understand the specifics, the process, and the anatomy surrounding the concept.  While it may be a worrisome topic, it does not have to incite the terror associated with it; simply familiarizing yourself with the facts can help you rest easier.  Whether you are a College Station or Bryan homeowner worried about default, a homeowner who simply...Continue Reading!

Magnificent Bryan, TX Home – 701 Ellen Lee is a MUST SEE!

Once in a great while, a Realtor gets the distinct pleasure of listing a truly breathtaking home.  I am proud to say I have listed and sold many unique, beautiful homes in College Station and Bryan during my 10+ years as a Realtor in this area.  But today I am beyond thrilled to present my newest listing: an absolutely exquisite, treasure of a home nestled away in the quiet of Bryan.  (more…)Continue Reading!

College Station Home Buyers: A Home Inspection Provides Buyer Protection

Home inspections have always been important for and requested by the smart buyer; now more than ever, an inspection is becoming an absolute necessity.  Whether you are looking to purchase a luxury home, a mid-priced home, or a low-priced home, an inspection is equally important.  And if you are one of the many consumers interested in taking advantage of the rising number of foreclosures occurring in College Station and Bryan, take note! (more…)Continue Reading!