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Investing in Real Estate in College Station and Bryan

With the stock market shaky and other returns failing to deliver on promises, more and more investors are looking towards real estate as a stable place to invest their money.  And with good reason - these are the glory days of the real estate investor.  Low prices, foreclosures, rock-bottom interest rates and stable rental markets have all created excellent buying opportunities.  Investing in real estate is a longtime practice of the wise investor, but with this current climate in real estate,...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Texas Home Sales up for Third Quarter in a Row

According to the latest Texas Quarterly Housing Report, the volume of real estate sales in Texas increased for the third quarter in a row.  These conditions are not being reflected all across the nation, but it would appear that the Texas market is on a slight upswing.  The Texas Quarterly Housing Report is issued four times a year by the Texas Association of REALTORS® with MLS data compiled and analyzed by the Real Estate Center at our very own Texas A&M...Continue Reading!

The Philosophy of Pricing your College Station Home

When the time comes to price your home for sale, you may be tempted to start with the price you originally paid, add in a markup to reflect the various upgrades or repairs you made, and wait for the bids to roll in.  Unfortunately, this strategy is not likely to be a successful one in today's market.  With many home sellers having to compete with foreclosures and overall low prices, College Station and Bryan home sellers need to - above all...Continue Reading!

Foreclosed Homes in Bryan/College Station Affect Entire Neighborhoods

A subject that has been pervading the real estate world and the nation on the whole is foreclosure.  While most homes and neighborhoods in the Bryan/College Station region remain unaffected thus far, the number of foreclosures is slowly - but steadily - rising.  As a homeowner, one surely does their best to avoid this stressful and painstaking process.  However, most homeowners are unaware that if their neighbor experiences a foreclosure, their own property value will suffer as result. (more…)Continue Reading!

Brazos Valley Food Bank Feast of Caring – August 11, 2010

The Brazos Valley Food Bank has been a part of our Bryan-College Station community for 25 years, raising food and money for those of our neighbors in need.  In 2009 alone, the BVFB helped feed over 48,000 hungry citizens.  But they need our help now more than ever.  In the past five years, the food bank has experienced a 59% increase in the demand for food.  Though this ever-increasing hunger epidemic in the Brazos Valley is a daunting problem, the food...Continue Reading!

Prepping College Station Homebuyers and Sellers for a Physical Inspection

One of the single most expensive and important purchases one will make during their lifetime is for their home.  Therefore, to safeguard this purchase, the essential marker during the home-buying process is the property inspection.  Once a home is yours, you are in charge of all maintenance, repairs, and problems that arise.  This is why it is best to be aware of any issues before you make the committment to buy.  But buyers aren't the only ones who can benefit from an inspection;...Continue Reading!