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Physician’s Relocation: Aggie Athletic Events in College Station

If you are considering relocation to College Station or Texas A&M University, consider this. There are many exciting attractions and events to take in while living in College Station.  Among these are the locally and nationally beloved Aggie Athletic events.  We are fortunate to have the Texas A&M athletic events occur practically year round, so there is always an exciting spectator sport to get involved in. (more…)Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader It’s the Big Event in Aggieland!

Not everyone is a fan of spring cleaning. That is unless you’re an Aggie. While some are dreading the idea of a daylong cleaning session, Aggie Organizations across campus are gearing up for the “biggest” event of the year: The Big Event. The Big Event is the largest, one day, student run service project in the nation. All students, whether with an organization or a group of buddies, gather together to serve residents from the Bryan/ College Station community as...Continue Reading!

Texas A&M University Horticultural Gardens – Beautiful Flowers!

Have you stopped by the Texas A&M University Horticultural Gardens lately? It is beautiful! The garden features stone pathways winding through stunning flowers.  Look a little further and see stunning sculptures.  Interested in water gardens with (more…)Continue Reading!

What’s in a name?

I am a fan of history, especially the history of places.  The history of an area is something that is important to Realtors.  When I look at something as simple as a legal description for a property or as complex as a title commitment, I am reminded of the people that originally surveyed and owned the virgin wilderness and the hardships they endured to create a home, a livelihood, and a community out of the natural resources around them.  Being...Continue Reading!

First Female to Lead the Aggie Band!

If 2008 has a theme so far, it would be the Year of the Woman.  Several women have achieved outstanding success in their fields and made history in doing so. Everyone is familiar with the story of Hillary Rodham Clinton, including her rise to success in her own right as a U.S. Senator for the State of New York after serving in the role of wife, mother, and First Lady of Arkansas and the U.S.A., and her near-miss in the race for...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Support the A&M Consolidated High School Band & Texas A&M

Ready to support A&M Consolidated High School Band and Texas A&M too? A&M Consolidated Band is selling Aggie Flag subscriptions! For only $40. a Consolidated Band Student will come to your home (or business) EACH morning Texas A&M plays a home football game and place an Aggie flag in your yard showing your support! And they even come and pickup the flag later in the day!!! This year there are seven home games this year where you can show your support for...Continue Reading!