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The Century Tree Reader Best Places for Military Retirement? College Station TX is ranked #4!

The College Station-Bryan metro area has a low cost of living and has avoided the housing issues seen in much of the United States. In addition to no taxes on federal pensions, the local economy is stable, due in part to the presence of Texas A&M University, with 45,000 students. Sports are a huge part of Texas A&M's culture and their teams are some of the best in the nation. And, as with any large university, there is a steady...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Your Student & Housing at Texas A&M University – Are You Ready?

College acceptance letters have started going out for next year even if it is only Thanksgiving.  Have you thought about where your Texas A&M Student is going to live? We are finding more and more parents are wanting to invest in College Station Real Estate whether it is a single family home, duplex, condominium or townhome. More parents are wanting to purchase a property to enjoy our lower (more…)Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader What to Expect in Bryan College Station Over the Next 5 Years?

There are many opinions about what we should expect to happen over the next 5 years in Bryan College Station regarding real estate, development, investment properties as well as overall general growth. They may not all agree on the details but they all seem to agree that growth is coming and so are the people! In addition to an increase in our RGP (real gross product - output in dollars) the population is expected to increase by almost 20,000 (more…)Continue Reading!

Game Day in Aggieland

[youtube][/youtube] See what Aggie Game Day has to offer with coverage of Texas A&M vs Texas Tech on October 30, 2010. Tailgating, Kyle Field, and The Association of Former Students are highlighted in this video. For more videos like this, visit or follow us at Reading!

Traditions Club – Exclusive Tour for Bryan College Station

[youtube][/youtube] Take a tour of Bryan/College Station's finest private golf course & community and discover what Traditions Club has to offer.  From the nationally famous Nicklaus Design Golf Course, to the most elaborate recreation facilities and finest estates that Aggieland has to offer, you can feel at home in Traditions. This tour provides tons of valuable information about this private (more…)Continue Reading!

PetCo Dog and Cat Grooming in College Station Texas

[youtube][/youtube]So you woke up this morning in beautiful College Station Texas! You  brushed your teeth, then washed, dried, and styled your hair – just like you do every morning.  Your nails are clean and trimmed and maybe even polished and the end result is you feeling GREAT and ready to take on the day! What about your pets? Is your dog’s hair clean, brushed, and smelling wonderful? I have 3 dogs and as a Realtor, the last thing I want is my...Continue Reading!