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The Century Tree Reader How to get rid of PMI – Part One

No I didn't say PMS. If I knew that, then I'd be a millionaire. PMI - your Private Mortgage Insurance protects your lender in case if a borrower defaults on the loan, and the value of the home is lower than the loan balance. PMI has been a large money-maker for the mortgage lenders. The amount of the insurance (usually $40/month for a $100k home) is commonly rolled into the mortgage payment. Given the size of the...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Pre-Sales Appraisal Services

Bryan, TX -- Looking for a second opinion on your home's value? Enlist the services of an objective, third party Appraiser. You will receive an accurate description of your home's features and a detailed analysis of the most recent and similar "comparable sales". "Having a recent appraisal of your home can be very useful at the negotiating table," said Kelly Seaton, owner of Verdad Valuation Services. When interested parties see an appraisal, an inspection, a survey, or...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Time to Inspect Your Property – How Do You Prepare?

So you've sold your house and now the buyers are going to do inspections. Should you worry? Do you need to do anything to get ready? YES YES YES! When you and a buyer come to an agreement on price and terms you want to make sure nothing goes wrong. Below are a few ideas to help make the inspection process go as smoothly as possible. Pets - Make sure all animals are off property for the inspection. No inspector wants to dodge...Continue Reading!

Credit Crunch? Media Feeding Frenzy

BRYAN, TX -- You and I know the media are out to make a buck. And most people know that a majority of the news is presented in a cunning way to grab your attention to increase media viewership to sell more ads to make a buck. What viewers may not know is that the recent hype on the alphabet soup mortgage companies (WaMu, AIG, FNM, FRM, ...) is just that - hype. Sensationalism to get you excited to grab...Continue Reading!

Did you Sell? Leaving your Home?

So did you sell your home in Bryan or College Station? Before you go remember buyers want you to leave a few things behind! Be sure to leave... 1. Manuals - any owners manual for garage door openers, sprinkler systems, appliances... 2. Warranties - for any items still under warranty 3. Schedules - When does the trash pickup? Conservation (more…)Continue Reading!

What’s the most convenient place to live?

BRYAN, TX -- This election year you might think it's under a rock. But no the Sul Ross Neighborhood is the best location in Bryan. Need groceries - two fabulous stores four minutes away. Want a car wash? Shammy's is five minutes around the corner. Class A office space? Your daily commute to the Galleria building could be six minutes. (Just think of those folks who commute from College Station to The Woodlands.) Take a walk with...Continue Reading!